A seemingly unprecedented surge of accomplishments from Washington has made January a banner month for cattle producers across the nation.

Jan. 1 brought the implementation of a trade deal with Japan. Finally, U.S. beef producers will have parity with other countries sending beef to our No. 1 trading partner.

The following week, … Read More

Ready. Set. Go! Just like that, my husband I were in the cattle business. A shared passion of ours flourished into a reality few are fortunate enough to experience. Even so, with the excitement our new venture brought sitting down to discover what exactly what we wanted to … Read More

Though national news this week has been dominated by the presidential impeachment, agricultural producers and property owners across the country were given another major victory. Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corp of Engineers announced a final rule to replace the 2015 Waters of the United States, … Read More

We’ve heard from many of our members and friends who now choose podcasts over — or in addition to — radio or audiobooks and would like to hear from us when they’re driving down the highway or across pastures. Now, they can!

It has been a busy but good week for cattle producers, with significant accomplishments on two landmark trade deals in Washington. Here’s a recap on some of the biggest items we’ve been watching and working on from our Austin office since Monday.

On Wednesday, President Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping … Read More

Ranchers are independent by nature. Self-reliant. Problem solvers.

But if there’s one area where they shouldn’t go it alone, it’s health insurance.

Still, so many put it off or take their chances.

Last month, I was catching up on my industry news when I came across Tanner Overby’s story in Drovers. You … Read More

If the last time you bought new cattle working equipment was when the Dallas Cowboys were Super Bowl Champions, it might be time to consider an upgrade.

At Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, we’re proud of our flagship publication, The Cattleman magazine. Since 1914, The Cattleman has prided itself on tradition, loyalty and a commitment to commercial cattle producers throughout the state of Texas and the southwest region. Still today, it continues to be an industry-leading … Read More