Source: Texas Department of Transportation | Oct. 20, 2020

Last year, there were more than 205,000 crashes in counties defined as the Texas Energy Sector by the Texas Railroad Commission, which includes large portions of West Texas, South Texas and even … Read More

They may take time, but these slow-cooker recipes are worth the wait. Treat yourself after a long day an after-work beef pot roast, cozy up with the slow cooker beef pot roast soup, kick back with the whiskey-molasses shredded beef or simply enjoy a classic beef pot roast from Beef. … Read More

by Greg Hanes, CEO, Cattlemen’s Beef Board

There seems to be a rash of articles and news pieces in ag media lately, focused on beef demand and its driving power and importance in everything from cattle prices to grocery store sales. The writers and experts … Read More

Many times, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. If you don’t sample and test hay, this may happen to you as forages get fed this winter. Knowing what’s in your inventory on the front end can help you formulate a sound winter-feeding program. University of Kentucky … Read More

Fertilizer prices are currently near their lowest levels in a decade. Ag Economist David Widmar tells Brownfield, most products are cheaper now than the already low prices last spring. Read more at Brownfield…

Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department | Oct. 20, 2020

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has upgraded Richland Chambers Reservoir southeast of Dallas to fully “infested” with invasive zebra mussels. Fully infested status signifies that there is an established, … Read More

Source: AgriLife Today | Oct. 20, 2020

Texas remained sixth in the nation for honey production in 2019, and is home to thousands of overwintering hives that contribute to the nation’s agricultural economy each growing season, according to Texas A&M AgriLife … Read More

Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Tommy Charbula, District 24 on the Gulf Coast, reports six head of cattle stolen from a property south of Midfield in Matagorda County. Sometime on or after Oct. 16, a thief or thieves removed an entrance gate off its hinges to steal six … Read More

Did your pastures mature and brown early due to drought? If so, then don’t forget to be sure you are supplementing enough vitamin A. Green grass has a lot of vitamin A. In fact, cows typically build up stores over the spring and summer, and those stores, along … Read More

What makes a great steak? No question, flavor is at least equivalent to tenderness in importance to the overall eating experience, if not a little more, says Jerrad Legako, an associate professor with Texas Tech University’s Department of Animal and Food Sciences. But what is flavor, and how is it experienced? … Read More