Shannon Dossett was living in former business partner’s trailer in Balmorhea when it went missing
Pecos, Texas — Following a failed business venture, two partners parted ways in spring 2018. But one took more than his share — and now faces felony charges. Shannon Dossett, a 52-year-old man from Montgomery, was … Read More

Matthew John Kerns defaulted on loans for cattle and agricultural equipment, failed to produce collateral
Smith County, Texas — When a borrower defaults on a loan, the bank comes for the collateral. But when it’s not there — either because it never existed, has been sold or the borrower fails to … Read More

Willie Paul Jopling is charged with felony theft after writing bad check for bulls
Canton, Texas — It was supposed to be a simple exchange between ranchers. One from East Texas and the other from West Texas, meeting somewhere along the way to transfer three recently sold Beefmaster bulls. Unfortunately, the … Read More

William “Willie” Rittenbaugh pleaded guilty to five felony charges
Hillsboro, Texas — Central Texas cattle raisers can rest easier tonight, with a notorious livestock thief set to serve substantial time behind bars.

William “Willie” Rittenbaugh, a 49-year-old man from Mount Calm, pleaded guilty to five felony charges spanning Hill and Limestone counties … Read More

Suspect stole, sold cattle from business partner
Gainesville, Texas — When 12 head of Longhorn crossbred cattle with a familiar brand entered the ring at the Decatur Livestock Market, an eagle-eyed buyer took notice. He knew something didn’t add up, so he called the owner. His suspicions were confirmed when the … Read More

Case was a team effort between several agencies, across two states

Nacogdoches, Texas — Bad checks, bad IDs and bad deals spanning East Texas and Arkansas have put a couple behind bars. Aaron Todd Davis, 35, and Jessica Lindsay Davis, 38, face charges of livestock theft, forgery and fraud after investigations … Read More

Deer cam photos, cattle call helped prove animals were stolen

Georgetown, Texas — Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Special Ranger Kenny Murchison was helping a sheriff’s deputy gather estray cattle last month when he spotted an identifying mark that got him wondering.

The two cows had holes in their right ears. … Read More

Jonathan Wesley Wright used counterfeit checks and ID to scam sellers in multiple states
Galveston, Texas — Jonathan Wesley Wright, or Trip McKenzie according to his fake driver’s license, said he’d turn himself in on December 9. Instead, he ran.

But exactly three months later, the 37-year-old was stopped when the U.S. … Read More

Former employer discovered suspect sold cattle he didn’t own
FALLS COUNTY, Texas — It seemed like a mundane task: cleaning out a ranch truck following an employee’s termination. But stray papers left behind weren’t just trash. They were evidence of a crime.

When the ranch manager came across the sale receipts from … Read More

HILLSBORO, Texas — William “Willie” Rittenbaugh, 47, of Mount Calm, is behind bars in Hill County awaiting trial on five felony counts with bonds in excess of $4.25 million. The charges stem from five separate cases under investigation by Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) Special Ranger Marvin Wills … Read More