The Special Ranger Foundation is holding a raffle for a Teskeys saddle! This 15½-inch half breed floral stamp roughout saddle has a Will James tree and round skirts. Tickets are $25 each or five for $100. 

To purchase … Read More

One year after the theft, game camera photo and social media share led investigators to the suspect, who was in jail on other charges.

In October 2019, rancher Albert Landry met with his local Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Special Ranger Kenny Murchison and Williamson County Livestock Deputy Joe Worsham … Read More

Shannon Dossett was living in former business partner’s trailer in Balmorhea when it went missing
Pecos, Texas — Following a failed business venture, two partners parted ways in spring 2018. But one took more than his share — and now faces felony charges. Shannon Dossett, a 52-year-old man from Montgomery, was … Read More

Matthew John Kerns defaulted on loans for cattle and agricultural equipment, failed to produce collateral
Smith County, Texas — When a borrower defaults on a loan, the bank comes for the collateral. But when it’s not there — either because it never existed, has been sold or the borrower fails to … Read More

Willie Paul Jopling is charged with felony theft after writing bad check for bulls
Canton, Texas — It was supposed to be a simple exchange between ranchers. One from East Texas and the other from West Texas, meeting somewhere along the way to transfer three recently sold Beefmaster bulls. Unfortunately, the … Read More

William “Willie” Rittenbaugh pleaded guilty to five felony charges
Hillsboro, Texas — Central Texas cattle raisers can rest easier tonight, with a notorious livestock thief set to serve substantial time behind bars.

William “Willie” Rittenbaugh, a 49-year-old man from Mount Calm, pleaded guilty to five felony charges spanning Hill and Limestone counties … Read More

Suspect stole, sold cattle from business partner
Gainesville, Texas — When 12 head of Longhorn crossbred cattle with a familiar brand entered the ring at the Decatur Livestock Market, an eagle-eyed buyer took notice. He knew something didn’t add up, so he called the owner. His suspicions were confirmed when the … Read More

Case was a team effort between several agencies, across two states

Nacogdoches, Texas — Bad checks, bad IDs and bad deals spanning East Texas and Arkansas have put a couple behind bars. Aaron Todd Davis, 35, and Jessica Lindsay Davis, 38, face charges of livestock theft, forgery and fraud after investigations … Read More

Deer cam photos, cattle call helped prove animals were stolen

Georgetown, Texas — Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Special Ranger Kenny Murchison was helping a sheriff’s deputy gather estray cattle last month when he spotted an identifying mark that got him wondering.

The two cows had holes in their right ears. … Read More

Jonathan Wesley Wright used counterfeit checks and ID to scam sellers in multiple states
Galveston, Texas — Jonathan Wesley Wright, or Trip McKenzie according to his fake driver’s license, said he’d turn himself in on December 9. Instead, he ran.

But exactly three months later, the 37-year-old was stopped when the U.S. … Read More