Yellow False Indigo (Baptisia sphaerocarpa) have a very wide, natural range to which they seem well adapted. It is native to the lower Midwest and Gulf states. As a group, these perennials are deer resistant, heat and humidity tolerant and drought tolerant. Height and width vary by species. Read more… … Read More

Monitoring needs to consider the cattle, the forage, the soil, and everything else that lives in our pastures.

Experts say it will be an especially bountiful wildflower season this spring, particularly for bluebonnets. As a kid you probably heard that the Texas state flower is illegal to pick (and dared your friends or siblings to try it). But is there any truth to the tale?

Source: ForageFax | March 1, 2019

ForageFax is by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Department of Soil & Crop Science, offering timely forage and pasture

After a cold, dreary winter we … Read More

Source: AgriLife TODAY | Feb. 26, 2019

Cattle in the High Plains should be removed from wheat pastures where grain production is the main objective. … Read More

Much of the state experienced warmer temperatures last week. Precipitation ranged from 0.2 to 1.5 inches in East Texas and the Upper Coast, while rainfall in the rest of the state was less than half of an inch. There were 5.7 days suitable for fieldwork. Livestock condition across the state … Read More

Source: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Forage Fax | Feb. 15, 2019

ForageFax is by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Department of Soil & Crop Science, offering timely forage and pasture information. 

Believe it or not, we can actually … Read More

A full soil moisture profile and tightened supplies could mean a good year for grain growers, if they can get their crops planted in time, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts.

A strong cold front passed through late last week, resulting in colder temperatures in most areas of the state. Precipitation in East Texas, parts of the Cross Timbers, and the Blacklands ranged from 0.5 up to 2 inches. Most other areas in the state received from trace amounts up to … Read More

the dormant season we often get anxious for warm weather and green pastures so
we start thinking about renovation. Renovation is a practice or series of
management practices which “restores the vigor” or “makes new again.” In
pasture management, renovation refers to improvement of a permanent pasture by
changed management. Renovation of … Read More