Blackberry and dewberry are closely related, but they are very different in growth habits and physical characteristics. Dewberry exhibits a low, vine-like, trailing growth habit that forms mats that are rarely taller than 2 feet above the ground. Blackberry typically has an upright rambling growth habit, which can form impenetrable … Read More

Weed species continue to spread and management costs continue to mount, in spite of best management practices and efforts by research and extension personnel who promote them to land managers, said Dr. Muthu Bagavathiannan, Texas A&M AgriLife Research weed scientist in the Texas A&M soil and crop sciences department, College … Read More

Legumes make immeasurable contributions to forage agriculture. Producers depend on them to add yield, nutritional quality to pastures and hay, and to improve animal gains. Arguably, the ability of legumes to convert or “fix” nitrogen (N) from the air into organic plant nitrogen is their most significant benefit. Some even … Read More

Compared to last week, feeder steers and heifers sold mostly steady to instances $5 higher by the end of the week. Slaughter cows steady to $2 higher; slaughter bulls steady. Conversation in the seats tended to drift to the dry conditions and need for rain across the trade area. Most … Read More

It may be surprising to learn that bermudagrass and bahiagrass are NOT native to Texas, much less to the United States. There are numerous species of grasses and forbs that can be utilized for forage throughout the state of Texas. Keep in mind as you select forages that you’ll need … Read More

Compared to last week most hay classes sold steady to weak. Movement was slow as hay only trickles onto the market this time of year with the wait for new crop about a month away. The Panhandle is turning green but supplemental feeding continues but slowing down. The Coastal Bermuda … Read More

Lime is often recommended for pastures and hay meadows in order to increase soil pH. Many forages can be sensitive to soil pH, especially acidic soils (soil pH < 7). Maintaining an appropriate soil pH can increase nutrient use efficiency, meaning plant roots have the capability to pull nutrients from ... Read More

Most people think these forages are a species of their own. But they are not. They are hybrid varieties of Bermudagrass. AgriLife Extension’s ForageFax takes a closer look at these forage types and their origins.

Much of the state experienced warmer temperatures during the past week. Precipitation ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 inches was reported in the Northern Plains, North East Texas, the Blacklands, and the Trans-Pecos. However, the rest of the state recorded little to no rainfall. Areas of severe drought were developing in … Read More

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) confirmed the presence of common salvinia at Kurth Reservoir near Lufkin after being notified of the presence of the invasive plant by a City of Lufkin employee March 18. After surveying the reservoir March 19, the TPWD Brookeland Aquatic Habitat Enhancement Team reported … Read More