Source: Ohio State Beef Cattle Newsletter | May 22, 2019

by Dwane Miller, Penn State Extension Educator, Agronomy

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Source: Noble Research Institute | May 1, 2019

By Mike Trammell, Senior Plant Breeder & Dennis Walker, Facility Manager 1

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Source: By Alan Newport for Beef Producer

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Source: Ohio State University Beef Extension | May 8, 2019

This article is from the May 8, 2019, issue of the Ohio Beef Cattle Letter, a publication of the … Read More

Source: by Wyatt Bechtel for Drovers | May 3, 2019

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Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department | April 30, 2019

TPWD picture of giant salvinia courtesy Larry D. Hodge

Recent vegetation surveys conducted … Read More

Our human nature is to find a simple, one time solution for our problems. Unfortunately, this simple, one time solution does not exist for weed control in pastures and hay meadows. There are several factors that are important when it comes to weed control.

Windy conditions remained in most of the state. The Low Plains, the southern High Plains, the Trans-Pecos and the Lower Valley received little to no precipitation. Rainfall in the rest of the state ranged from 0.5 to 3 inches, with areas in the Cross Timbers getting upwards of 5 inches. … Read More

In Oklahoma, little to moderate precipitation was experienced across the state last week, with areas of east Central, south Central and southeast districts averaging 2.28 inches. Pasture and range condition was rated at 86 percent good to fair. Livestock condition was rated at 92 percent good to fair. Early in … Read More