Planted cotton acres are expected to be flat or up slightly as the growing season nears, said a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert. Dr. Gaylon Morgan, AgriLife Extension statewide cotton specialist, College Station, said Texas cotton specialists around the state expect acreage to remain static in most areas. They agree … Read More

Many areas of the state experienced warmer temperatures last week. Dry conditions prevailed across most of the state, but precipitation ranging between 0.5 and 1.5 inches was reported in the Upper Coast and the Coastal Bend. There were 5.6 days suitable for fieldwork. Cattle was rated in fair to good … Read More

Compared to last report, alfalfa sold steady to 5.00 lower. Coastal Bermuda sold steady to 10.00 higher. Supply of hay was light to moderate on moderate to good demand. Alfalfa prices declined as producers are cleaning out barns anticipating new crop. The panhandle is in need of moisture to benefit … Read More

Thanks to a less than ideal growing season for many parts of the U.S., hay supplies were already meager going into the winter-feeding season. As supplies begin to run low, rationing forage inventory becomes a key factor in making sure there will be enough hay to meet … Read More

In 2017, Caddo Lake was covered by more than 6,000 acres of invasive giant salvinia that was reproducing rapidly due to a warm winter and unusually long growing season. Access for anglers, boaters and waterfowl hunters was blocked on much of the lake, and hired contractors struggled to keep up … Read More

According to the USDA-AMS, all hay classes traded fully steady compared to last week’s report. Movement was moderate on good demand. Most hay has been contracted or completely sold out and the wait is on for this year’s new crop. Supplemental feeding of livestock is in full swing and wheat … Read More

All hay classes traded fully steady. Alfalfa supply remains moderate while the cheaper rations are about all contracted or used up for now. Coastal Bermuda remained firm as freight costs plays a role in hauling to the panhandle. Most Coastal Bermuda producers in north and east Texas reported little to … Read More

Grassbur is a grass weed that is very troublesome in pastures and hay meadows throughout Texas. Most grassburs
are easily recognized in the mature stage of growth when the “bur” seed
heads become apparent. The bur itself is actually a capsule that
usually contains from 1 to 3 … Read More

It is not unusual for cattle producers to have favorite hay feeding areas for their livestock, but it is important not to automatically default to locations that may be selected based primarily on convenient access. However, continuing to feed hay in the same place, time after time and year after … Read More

Compared to last report, most hay classes traded fully steady, except for Alfalfa, which sold instances 10.00 lower. The decrease in Alfalfa prices mostly due to seller’s reducing prices to move hay stored in the barns to
make room for upcoming new crop. Freight of hauling Coastal Bermuda to the … Read More