TSCRA Govt Affairs Roundup: NCBA, eminent domain, State of the State and more

TSCRA government affairs staff and leaders were New Orleans last week at the Cattle Industry Convention, hosted by the National Cattleman Beef Association. The meetings provided an opportunity for TSCRA to collaborate with beef producers from across the country and address policy issues of national importance.

This week eminent domain stakeholders had their first formal meetings on proposed eminent domain reform legislation. H.B. 991 in the House and S.B. 421 in the Senate, if passed, will provide significant improvements to the current eminent domain process. Please contact your state representative and state senator to tell them you support the legislation, and urge them to sign onto H.B. 991 or S.B. 421 as a co-author. More information on the bills and how to find your legislators can be found at hwww.texansforpropertyrights.com/legislation.

The legislature was primarily occupied by major addresses by state leaders. Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott gave his State of State address to a joint session of the Texas Senate and House. He named his list of priorities for the legislative session, which includes: property tax reform, school finance, school safety, disaster response and mental health programs.

Wednesday, Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, Nathan Hecht, gave his State of Judiciary address. With many of the formalities now concluded, House and Senate committees will begin meeting next week.

TSCRA staff also met with Major Chris Nordloh at the Texas Department of Public Safety to discuss transportation enforcement activities important to cattle haulers.

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