Although western sections of the South were mainly dry, light to moderate (0.5-2.5 inches) rain fell on southeastern Texas. With October normally one of the wetter months in central Texas, spotty precipitation during September and October plus this week’s lack of rain made it ideal to expand the D0 across … Read More

In southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana, a conundrum exists between the depiction of very dry conditions at 60-days versus excessive wetness at 90-days from Hurricane Harvey’s rains and subsequent flooding. For now, the 90-day wetness won out over the 60-day dryness in southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana due to the … Read More

Highly variable conditions were observed across the region during the monitoring period. Soaking rain (1-4 inches, locally more) was reported over eastern portions of Texas and Oklahoma, supporting the reduction or removal of Abnormal Dryness (D0) and Moderate Drought (D1). Across central and western Texas, short-trend dryness was becoming more … Read More

Southern and eastern Texas saw some expansion of abnormal dryness and a bit of moderate drought. Interestingly, some areas have reversed from flooding (Hurricane Harvey) to dryness, with less than an inch of rain recorded over the past 45 days. Looking to the Oct. 22-26 timeframe, above-normal temperatures are expected … Read More

In Oklahoma, one-class improvements were rendered to the depiction in northern and eastern portions of the state based on the reception of ample precipitation (generally 1-3 inches, but 5 inches or more was noted in southern Osage and Pawnee Counties). In contrast, in southeastern Oklahoma, some deterioration was noted in Atoka … Read More

The rapid increase in dryness across eastern Oklahoma, northern and western Arkansas during the past 30-days warranted an expansion of Abnormally Dry conditions, and the introduction of several areas of Moderate Drought. Preliminary data for southeastern portions of Oklahoma suggest this past September could be the driest on record. Generous … Read More

Most of the South was dry, but heavy rain edged into western and central sections of Oklahoma and Texas late in the drought-monitoring period. Except where the rain fell, there were general increases in the coverage of dryness (D0) and moderate drought (D1), especially from northeastern Texas into western Arkansas. On … Read More

While eastern Texas broke rainfall records, southwest Texas continued to see rainfall deficits and drying soils, resulting in minor drought expansions and the introduction of severe drought over Hidalgo County. Pockets of dryness also persisted in Oklahoma, leading to the expansion of abnormally dry conditions and the introduction of moderate … Read More

Hurricane Harvey made landfall north of Corpus Christi as a category 4 storm bringing with it rainfall amounts there were unprecedented. In Houston, the nation’s fourth-most populous city, rainfall totals approached 50 inches in five days resulting in historical flooding.

The precipitation pattern across the South was mixed. Below normal amounts occurred in southeastern and northwestern Texas, and parts of western Oklahoma. Elsewhere precipitation was above normal with the largest positive anomalies falling in eastern Oklahoma, northern Arkansas and parts of eastern and southwestern Texas.