Over the last week, moderate to heavy precipitation from the Midwest storm systems fell over parts of Texas. Improvements from abnormally dry conditions took place in parts of western Louisiana and east Texas, where recent rainfall erased precipitation deficits. Farther west in southwest Texas, moderate drought and abnormal dryness were … Read More

Farmers and ranchers in the Southern Great Plains are in a drought with conditions worsening since November. While the drought affects many of the contiguous states, the states experiencing the worst conditions are Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and Kansas. According to the current United States Drought Monitor, the entire state of Oklahoma … Read More

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Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on Feb. 15 extended and expanded a burn ban to include 52 counties because of extreme and extraordinary fire danger. Conditions have continued to deteriorate since Fallin issued the first burn ban Jan. 30. The governor’s burn ban supersedes any county burn bans, and will remain … Read More

For the second consecutive week, moderate to heavy rain in eastern portions of the southern region contrasted with intensifying drought across the southern Plains and environs. Rainfall totaled 2 to 6 inches from eastern Texas into Tennessee. Extreme Drought (D3) expanded further across northern Texas, with even more notable increases … Read More

SPONSORED CONTENT: This week’s Livestock Wx exclusive content for TSCRA members includes a special mid-week update with talk of RAIN! Increasing chances of moisture for eastern Oklahoma and a decent portion of Texas. Read more…

Farmers and ranchers these days are equal parts scientists, entrepreneurs and risk-takers. But, despite knowledge in animal science or agricultural economics and tech-savvy approaches to problem-solving, one aspect of the job hasn’t changed. A little rain must fall. And, after 121 consecutive days without any measurable precipitation, even a few … Read More

Rain in eastern portions of the region contrasted with intensifying drought across the southern Plans and environs. Extreme Drought (D3) expanded across much of northern Texas and western Oklahoma, with subsequent increases in D2 noted in central Texas and eastern Oklahoma. From Lubbock northward into Oklahoma, little — if any … Read More

Just a few months after Texas endured the most rainfall ever recorded in the United States, at least 67 percent of the state is in some form of drought.  A Texas A&M University expert says dry conditions could linger for several more months. John Nielsen-Gammon, professor of atmospheric sciences at … Read More

No precipitation fell this week across western portions of Oklahoma and Texas. This week was a continuation of very dry conditions in western Texas, western Oklahoma, and eastern New Mexico which have lasted for over three months. As summarized by the National Drought Mitigation Center, drought has slowed the growth … Read More