Livestock Wx for 1-31-19: A warm week, then cooler

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Livestock Wx for 1-31-19: A warm week, then cooler

Over the next 7-days temperatures will be way above average for this time of year across the Southern Plains. Departure from averages are showing temperatures could be 20 degrees or more above average! Don’t get used to it, though. Another round of cold air will be coming Thursday (Feb. 7). 

It could be worse: You could be in the Northern Plains, which as you have most likely heard, have seen some extremely low temperatures. The top map below shows the average minimum temperatures (departure from average) over the last 2-weeks along with counties that have cattle and calf inventories equal to or greater than 75K head. The bottom maps show the next round of cold air that will start around Sunday. The circle shows the area that has seen little relief over the last 2-weeks and will not get any help over the coming week. There are around 3.5 million head of cattle in this area.

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