SPONSORED CONTENT The Livestock Weather report for Jan. 17 takes a look at the latest seasonal outlooks for precipitation and temperatures. Livestock Wx is exclusive information on the latest weather trends and outlook for TSCRA members.

Many Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices will reopen temporarily in the coming days to perform certain limited services for farmers and ranchers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recalled about 2,500 FSA employees to open offices on Jan. 17, 18 and 22, during normal business hours. The offices will … Read More

A new study, recently published in the journal Agricultural Systems, is the most comprehensive beef cattle lifecycle assessment ever completed. In the report Environmental Footprints of Beef Cattle Production in the United States, the researchers found widely accepted measures related to beef cattle’s impact in the U.S. are often overestimated. 

the advent of net-wrapped round bales, ranchers have another form of hardware
disease to worry about — plastic disease. -BEEF Magazine Read

Make dinnertime less
hectic with this easy sheet pan meatloaf and vegetable dish. A satisfying
dinner on the table and cleanup is a snap! Read

recent years, as companies and governments build more roads, power lines and
pipelines across Texas, rural landowners have become increasingly familiar
with – and angry about – the powers of eminent domain. Their
efforts to check those powers at the state capitol haven’t succeeded, but
there’s a new push on the horizon for the 2019 Texas … Read More

For the first time
since December 2017, cattle feeding margins have exceeded packer margins in the
Sterling Beef Profit Tracker. -Drovers
CattleNetwork Read

Compared to last report, most hay classes traded fully steady, except for Alfalfa, which sold instances 10.00 lower. The decrease in Alfalfa prices mostly due to seller’s reducing prices to move hay stored in the barns to
make room for upcoming new crop. Freight of hauling Coastal Bermuda to the … Read More

TSCRA Special Ranger Brett Wellden, District 3 in Central Okla., reports the theft of a skid loader, UTV and a gas torch from a property near Blanchard in Grady County sometime after Jan. 13. TSCRA Special Ranger Bart Perrier, District 4 in eastern Oklahoma, also reports the theft of a … Read More

Liability waivers are one important step for landowners to protect themselves if someone is injured on their property. Tiffany Dowell Lashmet, assistant professor and Extension specialist in agricultural law with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, takes a look at a case that reviews how courts analyze these waivers … Read More