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By the N#mbers, May 17, 2019: … Read More

Rainfall over the region was widespread and heavy in many areas, particularly Louisiana and southeast Texas, and this caused short-term precipitation deficits to improve in Texas and far southern Louisiana. Abnormal dryness in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles was removed after rainfall this week. Abnormal dryness was also reduced and … Read More

April showers delivered moisture around the state, but so far May has been one for the ages when it comes to rainfall. Rainfall amounts have been more than double normal, averaging more than 7 inches, due to several lines of storms across the state since April 1. The drought monitor … Read More

SPONSORED CONTENT By the N#mbers is exclusive information from Livestock Wx on the latest weather trends and outlook for TSCRA members. The May 10 edition tries to find the silver lining in all the rain and flooding, plus how much more we can look forward to this summer and fall. … Read More

May 5-11 is Hurricane Preparedness Week, and the last two tips are reminders to help your neighbor and complete a written plan. Many Americans rely on their neighbors after a disaster, but there are also many ways you can help your neighbors before a hurricane approaches. Learn about all the … Read More

Widespread improvements were made in Texas this week in areas that received moderate to heavy precipitation, such that no areas of moderate drought remain. With the heavy precipitation, the Brazos River is running high in north-central Texas, and minor to moderate flooding is a concern in parts of Texas. A … Read More

May 5-11 is Hurricane Preparedness Week, and Thursday’s advice is to make sure buildings are up to code and able to withstand the punishment of a storm. If you plan to ride out the weather in your home, make sure … Read More

Source: Oklahoma State University

Earl Shero of Wilburton, Oklahoma, contends the Oklahoma Mesonet allows state agricultural producers to get a peek at the future before it arrives, and use of that … Read More

May 5-11 is Hurricane Preparedness Week, and Wednesday’s focus highlights the importance of an insurance checkup. Call your insurance company or agent and ask for an insurance check-up to make sure you have enough and the right type of coverage to repair or replace your home, vehicle and ranching equipment.

The majority of planted Texas corn acres have emerged amid good soil moisture profiles to start the growing season. The Texas corn crop started late in parts of the state, but growing conditions have planted fields off to a good start. Plantings were behind schedule two to three weeks in … Read More