recent years, as companies and governments build more roads, power lines and
pipelines across Texas, rural landowners have become increasingly familiar
with – and angry about – the powers of eminent domain. Their
efforts to check those powers at the state capitol haven’t succeeded, but
there’s a new push on the horizon for the 2019 Texas … Read More

The big news out of Austin this week is that the 86th Texas Legislative Session started on Tuesday, Jan. 8. The first few weeks are primarily dedicated to formalities as legislators and staff get settled in for the long haul. And speaking of hauling, this week our government affairs team … Read More

Texas’ top three elected leaders are looking to show a united front as the 2019 legislative session begins — and start fresh after the drama of last session. The so-called “Big Three” — Republicans Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and newly elected House Speaker Dennis … Read More

The 140-day sprint to the finish line will finally begin Tuesday, when state lawmakers convene in Austin for the Texas Legislature’s 86th regular session. The Texas Tribune covers what you need to know when they gavel in. Read more…

The 2019 Texas Legislative Session doesn’t start until next week, but almost 1,000 bills and resolutions have already been filed in advance. TSCRA government and public affairs staff are reviewing each bill filed to identify those that could impact cattle producers and landowners. Thousands of additional bills are expected … Read More

Recently, there has been some confusion regarding the issue of livestock haulers and the requirement for an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) due in large part to misleading articles that have begun to circulate. The week before Christmas and the partial government shutdown, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) posted … Read More

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How does the government use eminent domain to seize land from Texans? And should Texans expect to give up more of their property to the government as border wall and high-speed train projects move forward? The Texas Tribune partnered with the education publisher Pearson to make this video for Texas … Read More

It has been another busy week as lawmakers and government agencies scramble to wrap up 2018. In Washington, the biggest news of the week for agriculture came Thursday when President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill. As reported last week, the bill includes several provisions that were priorities for cattle … Read More

The Permian Highway Pipeline is a proposed $2 billion, 430-mile natural gas pipeline project stretching from the Waha natural gas pipeline junction, about 40 miles northwest of Fort Stockton, to markets on the Gulf Coast. Waha is in the Permian Basin, which is the largest petroleum-producing region in the U.S. … Read More