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Oct. 4, 2019
This article first appeared on Livestock Wx and was written by Becky Bolinger. Dr. Bolinger is the Colorado … Read More

After a hectic week at TSCRA’s Policy Conference in San Antonio, and a landmark Japanese trade deal announcement, this week seems quiet by comparison.

TSCRA government and public affairs staff were back in Austin and meeting with Texas legislative staffers on a variety of issues.

Government and public … Read More

Last year’s popular Beef Loving Texans streaming series BBQuest is back for another tasty season! Barbecue enthusiast and native Texan Kelsey Pribilski is on a quest to find secret menu items at … Read More

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Vice President of Government Affairs Ethan Lane released a statement Thursday in response to a Nebraska rally demanding government intervention to alleviate price disparities impacting cattle markets. Lane points out that the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM), the main organizer of the rally, has … Read More

Plans to build a controversial proposed crude oil pipeline over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone have been canceled, Texas Hill Country landowners and a Houston pipeline company told the … Read More


At the start of 2019, the US beef cow herd was higher than a year earlier by about 300,000 head. Coming into the start of the year, there were 31.765 million head, 1% higher than the year before. Oklahoma’s beef cow numbers were up by … Read More

Source: USDA Market News

All hay classes traded mostly steady to firm with few sales 10.00 higher. Trade activity was moderate to good with
producers making room for more inventory. Quality of hay very good for some producers while others continue battling weeds and army worms with spraying … Read More


Data valid Oct. 1, 2019 | Maps released Oct. 3, 2019

This week’s drought summary: Warmer than normal temperatures dominated the eastern two-thirds of the country, with many areas having temperatures that were 9 to 15 degrees above normal. Cooler than normal temperatures dominated the western … Read More

With a little smoked brisket these easy tacos go great with any salsa flavor. Get the recipe at

Fall is one of the best times for managing perennial and biennial weeds in pastures or other areas in grass. As perennial weeds prepare for the upcoming winter, they move energy reserves from shoots to their rhizomes and roots. Systemic herbicides applied at this time are translocated along with the … Read More