Fall signals mating season for the asp, which means clusters of the woolly caterpillars start to appear in wooded areas and trees, often in back yards. While they may look cute and cuddly, asp caterpillars are considered North America’s most venomous caterpillar and should be avoided at all costs. … Read More

Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department | Oct. 29, 2019

Deer hunters hoping for a change in the weather may be in luck for opening weekend of general deer season as weather forecasters predict cooler temperatures across the state. With an estimated 5.3 million deer in the … Read More

Many hunters feed deer. The perceived benefits of feeding include the hope of larger antlers, better body condition and survivability. The practice of supplementation in feeders is based on the assumption that food is a limiting factor to deer. In actuality, food is less limiting in Texas and Oklahoma than … Read More

The Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute (NRI) has recently published the Texas Quail Atlas, a free online resource and the newest “story map” to be developed by the institute. The online atlas was developed as a collaborative effort of the Reversing the Decline of Quail in Texas Initiative and the … Read More

Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 

With quail hunting season opening Saturday, Oct. 26 statewide, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TWPD) wildlife biologists predict … Read More

This month’s episode of the Dr. Dale on Quail podcast focuses on the second most abundant yet equally loved quail species in Texas: The blue quail. Also known as scaled quail or cottontops, blues prefer to run rather than fly, offering hunters a unique challenge compared to pursuing their bobwhite cousins. Join … Read More

From bats and spiders to pumpkins, the Lone Star State is home to some of the most iconic symbols of Halloween. Texas A&M AgriLife experts provide some interesting facts about some of these seemingly spooky Texas residents.

Early voting for the Nov. 5, 2019, Uniform Election begins Monday, Oct. 21, 2019.

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Constitutional Amendment Supporting … Read More

Source: Texas Animal Health Commission

Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) is reminding Texas landowners of exotic chronic wasting disease (CWD) susceptible species rules for the 2019-20 hunting season.

“When CWD was first discovered in far … Read More

Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

For the next two weeks, Texans are invited to take part in the fourth statewide Pollinator BioBlitz. The goal of the BioBlitz, which runs from Oct. 4-20, is to raise awareness of the diversity and importance of pollinators while bringing greater … Read More