Source: USDA Market News | May 20, 2019

The weather during the past week was mostly dryer across the state than the week prior. Precipitation in the Southern Low Plains, the Cross Timbers, the Blacklands, East Texas, South Central Texas and the Edwards Plateau ranged … Read More

Soure: USMEF | May 20, 2019

On May 17, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) posted this announcement regarding removal of Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Mexico and … Read More

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced on May 17 that the United States and Japan have agreed on new terms and conditions that eliminate Japan’s longstanding restrictions on U.S. beef exports, paving the way for expanded sales to the United States’ top global beef market. Last week, on the … Read More

Source: USDA Market News

Compared to last report, most hay classes sold steady; ground alfalfa sold steady to $5 lower. Trade activity was light to moderate on moderate demand with not a lot … Read More

Source: By Yuri Kageyama for The Associatated Pre… Read More

Source: by Andrew P Griffith for Drovers | May 13, 2019

FED CATTLE: Fed cattle traded $3 lower on a live basis compared to last week. Live prices were mainly $123 to $124 while dressed prices were mainly $198 to $200.The 5-area weighted average … Read More

Cool, wet weather affected most of the eastern and central areas of the state during the past week. Precipitation in East Texas, the Blacklands, the Cross Timbers, the Upper Coast, South Central Texas and the Coastal Bend ranged between 1 and 6 inches, with isolated areas in the Upper Coast … Read More

Feeder steers and heifers sold $2 to $4 lower. Trade activity was light to moderate on moderate demand. Slaughter cows $1 to $2 higher. Slaughter bulls not well tested.

In the May 13 Cow-Calf Corner, a newsletter from the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Agency, Derrell Peel takes a look at where markets are now and where they could be going now that the spring peak is behind us; plus, Glenn Selk discusses wet pastures and combating foot rot.

Source: USDA Market News – Hay Reports | May 10, 2019

Compared to last report alfalfa sold steady to $5 lower as producers are in the process of cleaning out barns to make room for new crop that is about 2 to 3 weeks … Read More