Source: USDA NASS | July 16, 2019

Warm temperatures were experienced across the state throughout the week. Scattered thunderstorms brought hail and high winds to areas of the Plains and the Blacklands. Precipitation ranged from trace amounts to 3 inches, with isolated areas in … Read More

Source: AgriLife TODAY | July 15, 2019

Fall armyworms could follow rainfall delivered by Tropical Storm Barry, warns a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service agents … Read More

Bahiagrass is a warm season perennial that grows in Texas. Bahiagrass spreads by J-shaped purplish rhizomes and seed. The seed head consists of two or three spikes. Bahiagrass can be very aggressive and take over quickly especially in areas where competition is weak. Bahiagrass is very tolerant of … Read More

Source: Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Market News | July 11, 2019

Once again the hay trade continues very slow across much of the state. More seasonal weather has finally arrived bringing higher temperatures and drier weather in the forecast. This has provided the opportunity … Read More

Source: USDA Market NEws | July 12, 2019

Compared to the last report, hay trades were mostly steady to instances weak mostly due to quality. Movement was light to moderate at best. In the Panhandle, producers are busy baling wheat hay but quality … Read More

Source: USDA NASS Texas | July 8, 2019

Average temperatures remained high throughout the week. Precipitation ranged from trace amounts to 3inches, with isolated areas in the High Plains receiving upwards of 5 inches. No damage was reported from the scattered hail events … Read More

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Department of Soil & Crop Sciences talks Bermuda grass stem maggots, fall armyworms, grasshoppers and how to in this week’s ForageFax update. Read more… 

Current FOB sales of steers and heifers sold steady to 3.00 higher on light comparable sales. Trade activity and demand were moderate on a shortened holiday week. Slaughter cows and bulls not tested this week. In the Texas High Plains grain markets the bulk of bids were mostly 3 to … Read More

Source: Daily Livestock Report | July 3, 2019

The rainy weather that has been a major obstacle to getting spring crops planted this year has been a boon to pasture and range conditions across most of the U.S. At mid-year, 69% of U.S. ranges and pastures … Read More

Source: AgriLife Today | July 3, 2019

Texas cotton farmers whose fields survived inhospitable weather conditions early in the season are hoping for a market rally, but a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert said … Read More