Here in Buna, Texas we have gotten about 11 – 15 inches (depends on who you ask). Some of the businesses were closed today and school did not start today as planned. It will start after labor day. I haven’t heard of anyone here needing to evacuate, but in nearby … Read More

I’m in the central Texas area just east of San Antonio. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday in what was the eye wall of Harvey once it reached its northernmost point. We did not have the catastrophic damage that the coastal cities and now Houston is having, but the … Read More

I haven’t been able to check the fences, those over the creeks are most apt to be effected. Neighbors got cattle in safest ground for me. Will keep in touch. Thanks for the inquiry. Regards

Blessed with three inches of rain in Melvin,TX.  No damages.

Thank you for caring… my livestock is up in north Texas but I did lose a home to flooding.

Wharton Co. 15 – 20 inches of rain. Have our cattle and equipment moved to higher ground as we are right on the Colorado River. Now awaiting a major flood but all should be good. Lots of cattle have been moved so hopefully livestock losses should be minimal. Flood is … Read More

It’s still an ongoing threat. Not sure what is needed yet, plenty of high water and more to come. The Colorado River is supposed to crest in 2 days at Bay City and is already out of banks.