Heavy rain, in excess of 6-8 inches in some locations, fell across much of this region over the past week. The rain was particularly welcome for areas that had been experiencing dry conditions, especially northern Texas and central to western Oklahoma. So much rain fell in these regions that all … Read More

Several places across south central Texas saw a month’s worth of rainfall last week, resulting in a one-category improvement for much of the area, with the exception of a few areas that missed out on the rain such as the counties located near the Rio Grande. Two-category improvements were made … Read More

Rainfall of up to 4 inches was reported across the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle resulting in improvements in these areas. Temperatures of 2 to 5 degrees above normal, combined with continued rainfall deficits led to an expansion of abnormally dry as well as moderate and severe drought conditions in south … Read More

A few areas of above-normal precipitation contracted D0 in parts of Texas, but most areas in the South had less than half an inch of rain, with many locations reporting no rainfall. D0-D2 expanded in parts of Texas and Oklahoma, reflecting dryness and heat of the last 2 months. July … Read More

Above-normal precipitation fell across southwestern Texas and southeastern Texas to southern Alabama, where rainfall amounts exceeded 2 inches. But most of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas were drier than normal, with many stations reporting a tenth of an inch of rain or less. Changes (expansion or contraction) were made to the … Read More

On this week’s map, improvements were made in Texas in areas of Severe Drought (D2) in the eastern Panhandle as well as in an area of Moderate Drought (D1) in the Hill Country. In the south Texas Plains, areas of Abnormally Dry (D0) and Moderate Drought (D1) were expanded in … Read More

On this week’s map, an area of Moderate Drought (D1) was removed in Texas Panhandle in the vicinity of Lubbock where precipitation has been above normal during the past 30 days. Elsewhere in the state, dry conditions led to expansion of areas of Abnormally Dry (D0) and Moderate Drought (D1) … Read More

There was a mixed bag of precipitation totals across this region over the past week, ranging from nothing or very little in most of Oklahoma and parts of south central and west Texas, thanks to Tropical Storm Cindy. As expected, this led to improvements in some areas and rather … Read More

A mostly dry and warm week, along with increased summer evapotranspiration and a climatologic wet time of year, led to a general decline of moisture conditions in Oklahoma and Texas. Some areas in the South did see moderate to heavy rains , and this resulted in some D0 removal in … Read More

Drier weather covered most of the region as temperatures began to increase late in the week after a relatively cool period the past 4-6 weeks. Exceptions to the dryness included scattered showers (0.5-2 inches) from western Oklahoma southeastward into the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and in parts of the Texas Panhandle … Read More