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End of an era? Cattle branding may be replaced by ear tags
A way of life for Texas ranchers, practiced for hundreds of years, could be changing in the near future. Traditional branding may soon be phased out in favor of ear tags for Texas' more than 13 million head of cattle. News 8's Jonathan Betz stopped by the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo to learn more.

9-20-11: Texas cattle survey - Most ranchers cutting herd
A survey by Texas' largest cattle group shows that 8 percent of ranchers won't be raising bovines next year in the nation's leading production state.

4-17-11: Cartel Violence Complicates Tick Eradication Plan
An unexpected casualty of the drug-cartel-fueled lawlessness in Mexico: the cattle industry. Texas Tribune

4-9-11: Record high prices spur cattle thefts
Cattle theft might seem like a relic from the Old West, but in modern East Texas, rural crimes are an increasing problem. Hard economic times coupled with high cattle and scrap metal prices have spurred an increase in stolen cattle and farm equipment thefts, said Larry Hand, special ranger with the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Longview-News Journal

1-27-11: Groundwater dispute a long-simmering issue
Landowners recognize that locally elected groundwater conservation districts play an important role in helping manage water to ensure it is available for future generations. But there is a big difference between managing how much water is pumped and denying owners the right to access the water beneath their land. - San Antonio Express News | Houston Chronicle

11-1-10: Groups seek support to keep groundwater rules
Agriculture and wildlife groups are thirsty for the state to reaffirm the ability of landowners to use water under their property as they see fit. Amarillo Globe News

10-24-10: Texas farmers, ranchers worry about erosion of groundwater rights
The rule of capture has been just as much a part of Texas lore as cowboys and cattle. Under that concept, landowners have had the right to pump an unlimited amount of water from beneath their land. But some landowners are worried that the courts, legislators or groundwater districts might take that water right away. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

10-14-10: Five charged after $200,000 in pipe stolen
Five men have been arrested in a crime spree that covered much of the Texas Panhandle and netted more than $200,000 in stolen property.

10-11-10: Ranger Works to Rusle Up Oklahoma Cattle Thieves
TSCRA Special Ranger Austin Green, and the work of TSCRA's law enforcement department, is featured in this article from Newsok.com.

10-4-10: Lockhart Man Arrested in Cattle Theft
Story on KXAN website.

9-20-10: Tax Hikes - Small Biz Death Sentence
In this Fox Business News report, the Dudley family discusses how the increase in taxes would gravely impact the way in which their ranch could make money. John Dudley is a TSCRA past president.

9-24-10: Cattle Rustling on the Rise
Hundreds of crooks are on the loose after rounding up and stealing livestock. Special rangers say cases of cattle rustling are on the rise in Oklahoma. They say the thieves are only making more work for the hard working. KOKH Fox 25

9-20-10: TSCRA Leaders Talk Taxes in D.C.
Drovers.com covers what TSCRA is doing for cattle raisers in Washington.

Think Texas: Cattle Rustling – A Threat to Texas Ranchers
The September 2010 Texas Dept. of Agriculture's Think Texas newsletter focuses on cattle rustling, a crime many people associate with outlaws from the days of Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin. But it is on the rise in 21st century Texas.

9-8-10: Authorities Catch Modern-Day Cattle Rustler
Oklahoma lawmen tell us they've nabbed a modern-day cattle rustler. After a months of searching for their thief, a lucky traffic stop provided their big break. A McClain County deputy pulled over a truck and trailer for a simple violation. That's when he realized it matched the description of suspects they were after. He asked to search the driver's truck and found receipts from livestock sale barns across the state. TSCRA Special Ranger Austin Green had been going to sale barns across the state to track down the thief; a man they believe has been sneaking on Oklahoma farms in the dark of night and stealing livestock.

8-2-10: Cattle Rustling on the Rise
Prices for livestock at auction are the best ranchers have seen since the drought ended. However, a bull market has caused a spike in the number of cattle thefts. TSCRA Special Ranger Doug Hutcheson and TSCRA Market Inspector Nina Nygard talk about the rise in theft.

7-21-10: Texas gets tough on cattle rustling
KDFW's Richard Ray reports that cattle thefts are on the rise, so the state is imposing longer prison sentences on repeat offenders. Investigators are betting the thieves will eventually get the message.



Texas Ranchers Leathers and Brown on Rural Route Radio Show
TSCRA Director Joe Leathers, Guthrie, and Agriculture Research committee member Donnell Brown, Throckmorton, discuss the importance of informing the general public how ranchers are on the forefront of land and natural resource stewardship.

All Ag All Day: Joe Leathers, General Manager of 6666 Ranch, advocates for rights of landowners (mp3 audio download)

1-14-11: Texas Tribune - Bill Renews Debate over Groundwater Rights
Upping the stakes in a long-running debate over groundwater and property rights, State Sen. Troy Fraser, R-Horseshoe Bay, filed a bill the week of 1-14-11 that would give Texas landowners ownership of the groundwater beneath their property. As Erika Aguilar of KUT News reports, the filing comes as the Texas Supreme Court considers a similar issue.

9-16-10: Dave Scott Talks Taxes
TSCRA President Dave Scott talks with Tony St. James during the AgriBusiness Report about what TSCRA is doing in the nation's capital on behalf of the cattle industry. Click here to listen (MP3). Click here to download.

Special Ranger Roland Garcia talks about his Rio Grande livestock rescue mission
AllAgAllDay's Tony St. James speaks with TSCRA Special Ranger Roland Garcia about his rescue mission to save cattle stranded by floods in the Rio Grade valley. Click here to download (mp3 audio file 2.2 MB)

"Down on the Farm" radio show speaks with Roland Garcia about his Rio Grande rescue mission
In this segment from the "Down On The Farm" radio show, Larry Marble speaks with TSCRA Special Ranger Roland Garcia about his rescue mission to save cattle stranded by floods in the Rio Grade valley. Click here to download (mp3 audio file 1.7 MB).

Jason Skaggs talks water law with Larry Marble on "Down On The Farm" radio show
TSCRA's Jason Skaggs talks about surface and groundwater rights and legislation. Click here to download (mp3 audio file 1.23 MB)



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