Heavy grasshopper infestations warrant treatment


Farmers and homeowners alike are battling against a heavy infestation of grasshoppers in the High Plains, and while tiny now, without treatment they could double in size, numbers and amount of damage. Read more…

TDA Market Recap, July 7, 2015

Texas Department of Agriculture

For the week ending July 4, 2015, Texas auctions quoted feeder cattle prices mostly steady, with instances of sales ranging from $10 lower to $2 higher per hundredweight (cwt). Texas weekly direct feeder cattle sales were mostly $4 to $8 lower. Wholesale beef values were lower, with Choice Grade losing $3 to close at $250.12 per cwt and Select Grade losing $0.10 to close at $248.05 per cwt. Net export sales for June 19-25 were up 90 percent from the previous week. Export shipments were up noticeably from the previous week and 90 percent from the prior four-week average. Shipments primarily went to Japan, Mexico and South Korea. Read more…

Groups file complaint over WOTUS rule

USDA/NRCS photo by Jeff Vanuga.

A coalition of 12 groups from a wide variety of industries filed a complaint July 2 against the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers over the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule, claiming the new provision goes beyond the intentions of the Clean Water Act. The complaint, filed in a Texas federal district court, comes after 27 states filed four similar lawsuits within 2 days of the rule’s June 29 publication. Read more at Agri-Pulse…

Trade, worker assistance bills signed into law


In a rare bipartisan scene at the White House, President Barack Obama June 29 signed into law two hard-fought bills giving him greater authority to negotiate international trade deals and providing aid to workers whose jobs are displaced by such pacts. The measures were politically linked to secure bipartisan support for the trade legislation, and they set the stage for the Obama administration to conclude negotiations on a 12-nation Pacific Rim economic pact. Read more at High Plains Journal

Texas A&M AgriLife researchers investigate Salmonella in Texas feedlots

A study examining the presence of Salmonella in beef cattle feedyards was the focus of a series of studies by Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists and faculty in the department of animal science. Texas A&M AgriLife Research photo by Blair Fannin

A study examining the presence of salmonella in beef cattle feedyards was the focus of a series of studies by Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists and faculty in the department of animal science at Texas A&M University, College Station. The findings could help develop new pre-harvest food safety interventions in providing safe, wholesome food for consumers. AgriLife Research scientists Drs. Jason Gill, Dr. Matt Taylor and other professors are researching bacteriophages, or phages, which are viruses that act as predators to bacteria, for use as food safety interventions. Read more…

Cow-Calf Corner: Oklahoma hay and pasture situation; Closely monitor medicated mineral intake

Photo courtesy Oklahoma State University

In the July 6 edition of Cow-Calf Corner, a weekly newsletter from the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Agency, Derrel Peel takes a look at the Oklahoma hay and pasture situation and Glenn Selk discusses how and why you should keep a close eye on your herd’s medicated mineral intake. Read more…

Help us make the 2016 Cattle Raisers Convention and Expo the best event of the year


Want to make the 2016 Cattle Raisers Convention and Expo the best event of the year? There are 2 ways you can make this happen! First, tell us what educational programs, topics, or speakers you would like to see on the agenda. Is there a challenge on your ranch that you need help with? Is there something you are interested in? If so, please tell us what this is so we can include it on our agenda. Second, TSCRA is requesting proposals from prospective speakers. If you have a great program to present during the 2016 Cattle Raisers Convention, we want to hear from you. Convention audiences want sessions that offer useful, practical information for cattle raisers and landowners. Visit www.tscra.org/school for more information. Please submit your ideas or proposals by Aug. 14. Read more…

Henryetta man arrested on 8 counts of larceny of livestock


Kiley Wayne Johnson, 19, of Henrietta Okla., surrendered to authorities at the Oklmulgee County Jail July 1 after he was charged with multiple felony cattle thefts. Johnson is the suspect in a string of livestock thefts in and around Henrietta. The stolen cattle were sold at livestock markets in Okmulgee, Cecotah, Bristow and Hugo, with more suspects and additional charges expected. Read more…

CWD discovered in Medina County captive deer

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Steve Byrns

A 2-year-old white-tailed deer at a Medina County deer breeding facility has been confirmed positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD). This is the first case of CWD detected in captive white-tailed deer in Texas. CWD was first detected in Texas in 2012 in free-ranging mule deer in the Hueco Mountains in far West Texas. Read more…

USFWS finds against reclassification of gray wolf, denies petition to relist as threatened

Picture courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has determined that a petition to reclassify all gray wolves in the conterminous U.S., except for the Mexican wolf in the Southwest, as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) does not present substantial information indicating that reclassification may be warranted. As a result, the service will take no further action on the petition. Read more…

US Drought Monitor and Summary, June 30, 2015


This was a fairly dry week over the region, with just spotty precipitation along the foothills in Colorado, the Panhandle of Nebraska, and into southwestern South Dakota as well as west Texas. Except for the areas that received the most rain, temperatures were above normal in most places with departures of 2-4 degrees above normal. There were not any changes in the regional drought depiction this week. Read more…

It’s what’s for dinner: Garden herb strip steaks


Make a rub from thyme, oregano, lemon and garlic for big flavor on strip steak. Read more at beefitswhatsfordinner.com…

Join us for a YLS leadership workshop in Fort Worth July 24-25


Save the date! The first YLS Leadership Workshop will take place July 24-25 in Fort Worth. This will be a great opportunity for education, networking and to hone your leadership skills! Practical and beneficial workshops, panel discussions, breakout sessions and a tour will ensure there is something for everyone at this event. The Young Leadership Series is designed for members age 19-40, but all ages are welcome. Whether you’re starting your own operation or your career as a ranch manager, we’ll have information for you to help build your business and career. Are you in an allied industry? We’ve got content specifically for you to help you succeed personally and professionally. Registration information will follow.

Tennessee woman arrested on charges of misrepresenting sale of horse to Texas buyer


A Tennessee woman was arrested Thursday in Marion County, Tenn., by the Marion County Sheriff’s Department and investigators from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture on felony theft charges out of Falls County, Texas. Lydia N. Culp, 31, allegedly sold a barrel racing horse to a victim in Falls County, Texas, from a post on Facebook. The horse that was shipped from Tennessee to Texas was misrepresented and arrived sick and malnourished. Culp was operating under numerous aliases and was alleged to be shipping horses that were misrepresented all over the U.S. Culp is currently in the Marion County Jail awaiting arraignment. Read more…

Australian drought leads to massive herd liquidation

Picture courtesy Oklahoma State University

The Southern Great Plains saw substantial herd liquidation a few years ago, when the exceptional to extreme drought hit the region. With U.S. drought recovery in recent months, the region has started to see herd expansion. Rabobank livestock industry economist Don Close said now Australia is getting similar weather conditions seen in the U.S. in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Read more at the Oklahoma Farm Report…

Members named to 7 agricultural trade advisory committees


U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and United States Trade Representative Michael Froman announced June 30 the appointment of 129 private-sector members to the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) and 6 Agricultural Technical Advisory Committees (ATACs). TSCRA and NCBA Past President Bob McCan, Victoria, has been named to the Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Animals and Animal Products. Read more…

Texas crop, weather, for June 30, 2015


As predicted in March, this year’s peach crop is turning out to be one of the best in many years. In March, Dr. Larry Stein, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service horticulturist at Uvalde, noted that peaches throughout the state had experienced some of the best chilling hours they had in years. Read more…

USDA takes first step to import fresh beef from Brazil, Argentina


Fresh beef from Brazil and Argentina will be allowed into the United States under amended regulations that specify conditions to mitigate risk of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) said on Monday. Read more at Reuters…

Recent flooding could potentially speed up spread of zebra mussels


Among all the negative effects of the recent drought in Texas, there was one positive result: low lake levels, and the resulting closure of many boat ramps, may have limited the spread of zebra mussels, an aquatic invasive species. But with the recent heavy and frequent rains, the state’s zebra mussel outlook has changed. Read more at twri.tamu.edu…

Summer weed management promotes healthy pastures

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Dr. Vanessa Corriher-Olson

We usually think of pasture weed management as a springtime activity, and rightly so. If early-season weeds are not controlled, they will compete with desirable forages for space, nutrients, moisture and sunlight. While most weeds germinate in the spring, some will germinate later in the growing season and will not be present when springtime herbicides are applied. There are also perennial weeds that are controlled better by late-season herbicide applications.  Read more at The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

TDA Market Recap, June 30, 2015

Texas Department of Agriculture

For the week ending June 27, 2015, Texas auctions quoted feeder cattle prices mostly steady, with instances of sales ranging from $6 lower to $5 higher per hundredweight (cwt). Texas weekly direct feeder cattle sales were steady, with some weakness noted later in the week. Wholesale beef values were higher, with Choice Grade gaining $1.80 to close at $253.12 per cwt and Select Grade gaining $1.92 to close at $248.15 per cwt. Net export sales for June 12-18 were up 40 percent from the previous week. Export shipments were down three percent from the previous week, and shipments primarily went to Japan, Canada and South Korea. Read more…

Thornberry introduces bill to rein in EPA overreach


 U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry, R-Clarendon, has introduced the Federal Regulatory Certainty for Water Act, H.R. 2705, to clarify the definition of “navigable waters” in the Clean Water Act (CWA) to help protect private property owners from regulatory expansion by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Read more…

It’s official: WOTUS takes effect Aug. 28

USDA/NRCS photo by Jeff Vanuga.

The Obama administration’s new definition of the “waters of the United States” (WOTUS) regulated by the Clean Water Act will be formally published June 29 and will take effect Aug. 28. The administration publicly released the final WOTUS rule in May but waited until Friday, after Congress broke for the July 4 recess, to provide notice that the rule would be published in the Federal Register on Monday. The rule, which is expected to be challenged in court, takes effect 60 days after that. The rule, which was developed in response to a pair of Supreme Court rulings, re-defines what ditches, wetlands, streams and other features are subject to federal regulation under the anti-pollution law. Read more at Agri-Pulse…

Kerr County steps up rabies control after 9th positive case

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Blair Fannin

In the face of a ninth positive test for rabies in Kerr County, county officials met with Kerrville area safety officers and two state officials to discuss in an emergency meeting what the next local steps must be. Kerr County officials acknowledged have to get the public aware of vaccinating their pets and livestock, they said, because humans can also get rabies from working with livestock. Read more at the Hill Country Community Journal

Calves with Sam: Bleach is not a sanitation program 

Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo by Robert Burns

What is it about using bleach that we think it is magic? Just toss some calf feeding equipment into a sink that is full of a strong bleach solution – “Presto” – all the bacteria are gone? No, it is not going to happen. Read more at Bovine Veterinarian…

Cow-Calf Corner:  Meat prices and production; Understand and avoid heat stress in cattleIn

Photo courtesy Oklahoma State University

In the June 29 edition of Cow-Calf Corner, a weekly newsletter from the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Agency, Derrell Peel takes a look at meat prices and production and Glenn Selk discusses heat stress in cattle. Read more…

Summer Meeting in Galveston off to a great start


Friday welcomed Cattle Raisers, family and guests to the Moody Gardens Hotel for the first full day of events in Galveston. The morning committee meetings included a talk by Texas Beef Council EVP Richard Wortham to the Marketing Committee, which was led by Tim Pennell. After luncheon with a presentation by Greg Hanes, U.S. Meat Export Federation, meeting attendees were free to enjoy everything the island has to offer. Those at the evening’s Cattle Raisers Dinner enjoyed Max Stalling for a concert at the Galveston Yacht Basin. The Summer Meeting will wrap up Saturday at 8:00 a.m. with a board of director’s meeting. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf;
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Cattle Raisers gathered at Galveston’s Moody Gardens Hotel for the summer meeting.

TSCRA members, family and guests were free friday afternoon to enjoy entertainment all around the island.

Richard Wortham, Texas Beef Council executive vice president, gave a talk during the Marketing Committee meeting Friday morning.

Greg Hanes, U.S. Meat Export Federation, spoke during the luncheon on Friday.

TSCRA’s officers talk with Friday luncheon speaker Greg Hanes, USMEF. Left to right, Richard McKnights, second vice president; Pete Bonds, president, Hanes, and Richard Thorpe, first vice president.

American Steak Week in Korea


The beef checkoff recently funded the second annual American Steak Week in South Korea, a 2-week promotion toward the strategic objective to build awareness for U.S. beef products and identify opportunities to introduce and develop the market for new items, preparation techniques and trends. Many of the 18 restaurants that took part immediately added U.S. beef items to their menus, and all of them increased U.S. beef sales during the promotion. Read more…

Tips for keeping livestock comfortable in summer heat


Cattle do not need to live in air conditioned comfort. But providing shade and cool water helps reduce productivity losses and makes livestock more comfortable. As the days get hotter, animals spend less time grazing and drink more water. Read more at Drovers CattleNetwork…

US Drought Monitor and Summary, June 23, 2015


Light to moderate rainfall, on the order of 0.5 to 1.5 inches, fell on most of the dry areas in the Plains, though little or no rain fell on dry areas from northern Kansas into southeastern New Mexico. There was further reduction in the D0 area still lingering in central Texas. Read more…

TSCRA Crime Watch: 2 cows, 2 calves missing in eastern Oklahoma


TSCRA Special Ranger John Cummings, Dist. 5 in eastern Oklahoma, reports 4 head of cattle missing from a pasture near Muskogee some time between June  9 and 22. Missing is a black 3-year old cow with a white star on forehead, a yellow ear tag and branded with a backward C lazy L connected on the right hip; a 9-year-old solid black cow with a yellow ear tag and branded with a backward C lazy L connected on the right hip; and two black calves weighing approximately 250 pounds, each, with no tags or brands. If you have any information regarding these cattle, please call Special Ranger Cummings at 918-342-0888.

Putin extends ban on agriculture products


Russian president Vladimir Putin announced Wednesday that a current ban on dairy products, meat, seafood, vegetables and fruit from the U.S., European Union, Australia, Canada and Norway will remain in effect until June 24, 2016. The action was likely in response to EU’s decision Monday to extend its sanctions against Russia for 6 months. Read more at Feedstuffs…

TDA creates Office of Water to address critical needs in Texas

Texas Department of Agriculture

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced on Thursday the creation of the Office of Water within the Texas Department Agriculture (TDA) to address critical water issues across the state. Miller has made water a top priority at TDA because of its importance to the agriculture industry and the Texas economy as a whole. Read more…

It’s what’s for dinner: Grilled steak and watermelon salad


You read that right – try this tasty salad made by grilling tenderloin steaks and watermelon. Read more at beefitswhatsfordinner.com…

TAHC releases temporary fever tick quarantine area in Starr County


The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has released the remaining portion of the fever tick temporary preventative quarantine area (TPQA) in Starr County effective June 19, 2015. Read more…

More counties added to disaster declaration


Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster in 24 additional counties on Monday, bringing the total number of counties under Texas’ state disaster declaration to 110. The counties added to the declaration are: Angelina, Burleson, Cherokee, Edwards, Ellis, Fayette, Gillespie, Kaufman, Lamar, Liberty, Leon, Lynn, Madison, Milam, Real, Refugio, Rusk, Sabine, Travis, Tyler, Uvalde, Victoria, Waller and Wharton. Additional counties may be added as the situation develops. Read more at Gov.texas.gov…

Simple plan for incoming stockers cuts losses

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Blair Fannin

Over the years, Ken McMillan has seen a lot of stocker operations come and go. The Alabama veterinarian and cattleman developed a checklist producers can use as they bring in stocker calves. McMillan, who writes The Progressive Farmer’s “Ask the Vet” column, said the goal of his plan is simply to cut death losses, reduce the number of sick calves and ultimately boost profits. Read more at DTN/Progressive Farmer…

Texas crop, weather, for June 23, 2015


After years of having not enough water to grow rice, many of the major production areas of the state got too much, according to reports by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service personnel in the major rice growing counties. The frequent rains prevented plantings and/or damaged crops and encouraged diseases in planted fields, according to the reports. But it wasn’t all bad news. In Matagorda County, the rice crop was in pretty good shape. Read more…

Pacific trade pact moves step nearer after Senate vote


President Barack Obama’s Pacific Rim trade pact moved closer to a final U.S. Congress vote, with lawmakers agreeing on Tuesday to limit debate on legislation that would grant Obama authority to speed trade deals through Congress. A Senate vote on the legislation, known as fast-track negotiating power, was expected on Wednesday. Approval at that stage would send the bill to Obama for review. The debate-limiting motion was approved 60-37. Read more at Reuters…

Missouri Extension: Hay testing important this year


Wet weather conditions during hay season will likely result in lower forage quality. That is why it is important to test hay to determine forage quality according to Sarah Kenyon, agronomy specialist with University of Missouri Extension. Wet conditions this year during hay harvest has delayed hay production for many producers, resulting in more mature forage. Read more at USAgNet..