The Browning Blog: El Niño and Bill – A Last Round of Flooding in the Southern Plains

Evelyn Browning-Garriss

In the June 22 edition of The Browning Blog – exclusive content from Climatologist Evelyn Browning-Garriss just for TSCRA members, Evelyn discusses El Niño, Tropical Storm Bill and what to expect from our late spring skies. Read more…

US Cattle on Feed numbers still climbing


Cattle and calves on feed for slaughter market in the United States for feedlots with capacity of 1,000 or more head totaled 10.6 million head on June 1, 2015. The inventory was 1 percent above June 1, 2014. Placements in feedlots during May totaled 1.71 million, 10 percent below 2014. Texas numbers of cattle on feed rose 3 percent from last month and was up 27 percent from last month for cattle placed on feed. Read more…

Cover crops and cattle

Texas A&M AgriLife Research photo by Kay Ledbette

While incorporation of cover crops into crop rotation plans is becoming increasingly popular, many growers still wonder whether the practice represents a trend or a fad. They have heard how planting non-commodity cover crops, within an optimal cropping system, can boost farm profitability by improving soil health, increasing plant nutrient availability and reducing crop pests. Read more at Drovers CattleNetwork…

Cow-Calf Corner: Turning fewer cattle into bigger feedlot inventories; Long term management to reduce eye problems in cattle

Photo courtesy Oklahoma State University

In the June 22 edition of Cow-Calf Corner, a weekly newsletter from the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Derrell Peel discusses feedlot inventories and Glenn Selk talks long-term strategies to reduce eye problems in cattle. Read more…

US Drought  Monitor and Summary, June 16, 2015


Only a few areas of dryness and drought remain in the Great Plains following the deluges of the last 1 to 2 months. It was wet again this past week, with most sites from the western Dakotas and northern Nebraska southward through central and southeast Texas recording at least an inch of rain. The heaviest amounts (2 to over 6 inches) fell on portions of upper southeast Texas, and in a broad swath from northwestern Texas and most of Oklahoma northeastward through southern and east-central Kansas and eastern Nebraska. Read more…

Last chance for Summer Meeting pre-registration prices


Today is your final day to take advantage of pre-registration prices for TSCRA’s Summer Meeting in Galveston! Registration fees will increase after Friday, June 19 and tickets are subject to availability. The only way to guarantee a ticket to the summer meeting, including the Max Stalling concert at the Galveston Yacht Basin, is by registering today. To register, visit

Compete in TSCRA’s Ranch Rodeo July 18


A few teams have cancelled for TSCRA’s Ranch Rodeo on July 18 in Levelland. If you have a team and would like to enter the competition, we have slots open! Visit for more information, entry forms and more.

USDA surveying cattle operations

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Blair Fannin

In July, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will survey 9,300 cattle operations nationwide to provide an up-to-date measure of U.S. cattle inventories. Read more at USAgNet…

TSCRA Crime Watch: Paint Foxtrotter gelding missing in SE OK


TSCRA Special Ranger Scott Williamson, Dist. 8 along the southwest Oklahoma – northwest Texas border, reports the possible theft of a horse from a property near Hollis. Missing is an 8-year-old Foxtrotter paint gelding standing 14 1/2 hands tall, with no brands and a scar on the inside of his left leg. Read more…

Charges, arrest in theft of 210 head of cattle and 30 horses


Asher Quinn Hoxie, 38, of Stephenville, was arrested Tuesday and charged with misapplication of fiduciary property of more than $200,000 in a case involving the sale of 210 head of cattle and 30 horses owned by an Odessa rancher. TSCRA Special Rangers Kenny Wadsworth and Wayne Goodman led the investigation, with assistance from TSCRA Special Ranger Harold Dempsey and the Erath County Sheriff’s Department. Read more…

Trade Promotion Authority passes House


The U.S. House of Representatives passed Trade Promotion Authority on Thursday with a vote of 218 to 208, as stand-alone legislation. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) strongly supports TPA and applauds the House for taking this necessary step to securing future free trade deals that will boost American exports. Read more…

Texas reservoir levels rise as drought subsides


As recently as 2011, Texas endured the most intense drought in recorded state history. But the rainfall so far in 2015 has left less than 1 percent of the state in drought conditions. Texas reservoirs are not far behind; as of Monday, they were collectively more than 83 percent full. Read more at The Texas Tribune…

It’s what’s for dinner: Balsamic marinated flank steak


This recipe for a flank steak marinade is great for the grill. Read more at…

Only 2 days left to get Summer Meeting pre-registration discount


TSCRA will host this year’s summer meeting at the Moody Gardens in Galveston June 25-27. Bring the family and enjoy all the island has to offer. The schedule has been modified to allow attendees to enjoy their time on the island and fish, play golf, or enjoy the beach. The deadline to take advantage of pre-registration prices is Friday, June 19, so save your spot today!  Read more…

Daily Livestock Report: Analyst cattle on feed numbers


Analysts polled by Urner Barry ahead of the USDA “Cattle on Feed” report expect modestly higher cale on feed compared to last year, but an ongoing reduction in the flow of cattle entering feedlots (i.e. future supply). On average the 10 analysts polled expect June 1 feedlot inventories to be up 0.9 percent compared to a year ago. A Bloomberg survey of 12 analysts also came up with a similar average of estimates. Download the Daily Livestock Report for June 17, 2015 (PDF)…

BeefSys database designed to prevent decades of research data being lost


Decades of data and analysis becomes more accessible to those in the digital age thanks to BeefSys, a massive archival database built to contain all the research work done on beef cattle, forages and pastures at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Overton since 1967. BeefSys architects foresee scientists using it for statistical analysis and creating decision-making tools for stakeholders in a multitude of areas. Read more…

Texas crop, weather, for June 16, 2015

Pre-harvest sprouting of small grains like wheat, oats and barley can cause substantial dockage or even rejection at grain elevators, said a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service agronomist. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Dr. Clark Neely

In late May, it appeared many wheat growers were poised to suffer big discounts because of pre-harvest sprouting of winter wheat. But reports from the Blacklands and East Texas contend that while the sprouting is fairly widespread, it’s not quite as severe as anticipated. Heavy rains and continued wet conditions were the culprits leading to the sprouting, but by about June 1, drier conditions began to prevail and the situation seemed to be turning around. Read more…

TSCRA Crime Watch: Roping steers and calves, Wagyu cows missing


TSCRA Special Ranger Toney Hurley, Dist. 12 in northeast Texas, reports  11 head of cattle missing from a property southwest of DeKalb in Bowie County some time between June 12 and 13. Missing are 8 Corriente-longhorn cross roping steers of mixed colors weighing approximately 600 pounds, each; a 350-pound solid red calf; a 450-pound solid black bull calf; and a 500-pound brown calf. All these cattle have a KR brand on the left hip. If you have any information regarding these cattle, please contact Special Ranger Hurley at 903-945-3236. TSCRA Special Ranger Marvin Wills, Dist. 15 in Central Texas, reports 6 head of cattle missing from a property hear Hamilton in Hamilton County. The 6 head of black Wagyu cows went missing some time between Read more…

Two Coryell County men held on charges of livestock theft


James Anthony Manning, 30, and Dylan R. Robinson, 21, both of Coryell County, were charged with theft of livestock Monday in a case involving the theft of two bulls from a rancher south of Gatesville. TSCRA Special Ranger Marvin Wills led the investigation with assistance from the Coryell County Sheriff’s Department. Read more…

Whether a tropical storm or hurricane, preparation is key


The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) advises animal owners to prepare now for possible flooding due to the tropical system currently brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical Storm Bill is predicted to deliver additional torrential rain and flash flooding to parts of East and North Texas, as well as Louisiana. According to the National Weather Service, even if tropical development does not occur, a surge of deep moisture will bring a dangerous flash flood threat to parts of Texas impacted by heavy rainfall and flooding in May. Any additional substantial rainfall will quickly prompt flash flooding. Read more…

El Niño could last for another year

Photo courtesy NASA-GODDARD

A U.S. government weather forecaster on Thursday extended its outlook for how long El Niño weather conditions will last, pegging chances they will continue into the Northern Hemisphere’s 2015-16 winter at 85 percent. According to Reuters, the Climate Prediction Center, an agency of the National Weather Service, previously saw a more than 80 percent chance El Niño would last through 2015. Thursday’s monthly report from the CPC was the first to forecast the conditions are likely to last into 2016. Read more at USAgNet…

TDA Market Recap, June 15, 2015

Texas Department of Agriculture

For the week ending June 13, 2015, Texas auctions quoted feeder cattle prices mostly steady, with instances of sales ranging from $10 lower to $8 higher per hundredweight (cwt). Texas weekly direct feeder cattle sales were mostly steady to $2 lower, with instances of $3 to $4 lower. Wholesale beef values were higher, with Choice Grade gaining $1.07 to close at $245.72 per cwt and Select Grade gaining $2.85 to close at $240.42 per cwt. Net export sales for May 29-June 4 were up 40 percent from the previous week. Export shipments were up 15 percent from the previous week, and shipments primarily went to Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Read more…

TSCRA Crime Watch: Corriente cow missing in East Texas


TSCRA Special Ranger Larry Hand, Dist. 13 in East Texas, reports the possible theft of a cow from a property near Tyler in Smith County. Missing since April 1 is a 3-year-old black Corriente cow weighing approximately 800 pounds, with white flanks and 8-inch horns. The cow is branded with a flying W on the left hip. If you have any information regarding this theft, please call Special Ranger Hand at 903-592-5252.

Vesicular stomatitis update: 1 new case identified, 2 premises released


The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has confirmed 1 new case of vesicular stomatitis (VS) in a Ward County horse approximately 30 miles north of Fort Stockton. This is the first case of VS in this county. Two previously infected premises in Reeves and Pecos counties have been released from quarantine. Read more…

Quest for fast-track trade bill defeated for now in House


The House of Representatives on Friday delivered a blow to President Barack Obama’s signature goal of strengthening ties with Asia but could try again as soon as Tuesday to reverse defeat of a measure central to a Pacific Rim trade pact. In a dramatic vote, Obama’s own Democrats, as well as Republicans, rejected a program to give aid to workers who lose their jobs as a result of U.S. trade deals with other countries. The measure was soundly defeated in a 302-126 vote. Read more at Drovers CattleNetwork

Floods can present health problems to livestock, pets


Livestock and pet owners should be on the lookout for potential animal health issues related to flooding throughout Texas in recent weeks, said a Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory expert. Insect-borne diseases, toxic forages and skin irritations are just a few potential hazards to consider when it comes to the health of beef cattle, horses and pets. Read more…

Cow-Calf Corner: Oklahoma Cattle Market Summary, June 2015

Photo courtesy Oklahoma State University

In the June 15 edition of Cow-Calf Corner, a weekly newsletter from the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension, Derrell Peel gives an overview of how the Oklahoma cattle markets are shaping up for June Read more…

Ranch gatherings held in Alpine and Paris


More than 225 ranchers, friends and guests attended ranch gatherings in Alpine and Paris this week. Read more…

TSCRA Crime Watch: 12 head of cattle missing in Hardemann County


TSCRA Special Ranger Scott Williamson, Dist. 8 in western North Texas, reports 12 head of cattle missing form a property near Quanah in Hardemann County. The cattle are mixed cross steers weighing 850 to 900 pounds, each, and branded with Lazy E on the right hip. If you have any information regarding these cattle, please call Special Ranger Williamson at 940-889-2269.

The Browning Blog: Bye–bye Drought ‒ For Now!

Evelyn Browning-Garriss

In the June 12 edition of The Browning Blog, exclusive content from Climatologist Evelyn Browning-Garriss, hear about the reduction of the Texas drought and how long the rains should last. Read more…

Ag gets waiver on hours of service rule


America’s hog, cattle and poultry farmers have been granted a 2-year waiver from the U.S. Department of Transportation hours-of-service rule for certain drivers. The rule, issued in mid-2013 by DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), requires truck drivers to take a 30-minute rest break for every 8 hours of service. It would have prohibited drivers hauling livestock and poultry from caring for animals during the rest period. Read more at the Oklahoma Farm Report…

US Drought Monitor and Summary, June 12, 2015


The NCEI (formerly NCDC) May 2015 precipitation total for the contiguous U.S. was the wettest May and month of any month in the 121-years of record keeping. State-wise, it was the wettest May in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. With those statistics, it is not surprising that nearly all drought from late March has been eliminated in the Plains, Midwest, and central Gulf Coast. Read more…

Arrest in string of livestock, guns and ranching equipment thefts


Clinton James Easter, 47, of Eastland County, is a suspect in multiple thefts across Texas involving cattle, trailers, guns and miscellaneous property. TSCRA Special Rangers Joe Roberts and H.D. “Howard” Brittain led the investigation, with assistance from Special Rangers Wayne Goodman, Marvin Wills and John Bradshaw. Read more…

Cattlemen’s Column: Death tax adversely affects domestic economy


In June’s Cattlemen’s Column, TSCRA Second Vice President and Fort Davis rancher Robert McKnight discusses the tolls death tax pays on ranchers, the middle class, and the economy as a whole. TSCRA Read more…

House passes COOL repeal legislation, Cornyn applauds action


The House of Representatives passed the Conaway/Costa bill (HR 2392) to repeal Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for beef, pork and chicken. The bill passed with a strong bi-partisan vote of 300 to 131. NCBA President Philip Ellis said this strong action by the House sends a clear signal that this is a failed program. U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, applauded House passage of the bill, saying “The last thing Texas farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers need are onerous, unfair regulations that hamstring their ability to compete in the global market. The COOL regulations for beef, pork, and chicken need to go, and I applaud Rep. Conaway for leading the fight in the House.” Read more…

Rainfall impacts on wildlife

photo courtesy Oklahoma State University

The overwhelming amount of rain much of Oklahoma has seen over the past couple months has made it presence felt in the wildlife community. Both long-term and short-term impacts will be evident, said Dwayne Elmore, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension wildlife specialist. Read more…

It's what's for dinner: Beef steak salad with dried cherries


Sirloin steak meets dried cherries, blue cheese and walnuts in a salad that’s big on flavor. Read more at

Senate committee votes to stop EPA's regulatory land grab


The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works advanced legislation today to force the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to rewrite their “waters of the United States” (WOTUS) rule, a move applauded by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Public Lands Council. During the markup, Wyoming Senator John Barrasso stated that the final rule, published on May 27, is actually worse than the proposed rule. Read more…

House OKs bills to avert shutdowns  of grain inspection, price reporting


The House passed a pair of bills aimed at avoiding future disruptions of export grain inspections and livestock market reports. The bills, which reauthorize federal grain standards and livestock reporting laws, were approved on voice votes. Both the grain and livestock programs would be extended through Sept. 30, 2020.  Read more at Agri-Pulse…

Teaching youth about beef nutrition


The beef checkoff’s second My American Farm beef game “Grocery Grab” launched May 14 and garnered nearly 400 game-plays during its first two weeks. Aimed at third- to fifth-grade science students, the new game gives students a realistic experience selecting beef cuts at a supermarket, while building a nutritious meal based on USDA My Plate guidelines.