TDA Market Recap, Jan. 20, 2015

Texas Department of Agriculture

For the week ending Jan. 17, 2015, Texas auctions quoted feeder cattle prices mostly steady to $5 higher early in the week, though auctions held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday reported prices $3 to $15 lower per hundredweight (cwt). Texas direct feeder cattle sales were $2 to $12 lower, noting a steady decline through the week because of the uncertainty in the futures markets. Fed cattle weekly cash sales were inactive most of the week, with some head quoted lower at $164 per cwt over the weekend. Read more…

Authorities seek information on Osage County cattle theft


TSCRA Special Ranger Bart Perrier and the Osage County Sheriff’s Department are seeking information on the theft of 12 head of calves that were stolen sometime between Tues., Nov. 11, 2014, and Wed., Nov. 19, 2014, from an Osage County ranch near Wynona, Okla. Read more…

TSCRA Cattlemen's Column: National Beef Checkoff - A successful grassroots program


TSCRA Second Vice President Richard Thorpe discusses the success of the national beef checkoff and how the program continues to support the beef industry. Read more…

USDA: How livestock mandatory price reporting brings transparency to the marketplace


The Livestock Mandatory Price Reporting (LMR) Program was established to expand pricing information available in the livestock industry. Part of USDA Market News data, the information is distributed by the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) and allows analysts to dive in head first and fulfill all of their number crunching ambitions. Read more at…

Cow-Calf Corner: Mixed start to 2015 cattle markets; Study your lesson before calving season begins

Photo courtesy Oklahoma State University

In the Jan. 19 issue of Cow-Calf Corner, a newsletter from the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Derrell Peel discusses the start to markets in 2015 and Glenn Selk talks studying up on calving lessons before it’s time to use what you know. Read more…

TSCRA Regional Association Promotion Team Meets in Fort Worth


Today, the TSCRA Regional Association Promotion (RAP) Team Leaders gathered in Fort Worth to discuss ideas for developing and enhancing TSCRA membership opportunities for 2015. RAP Team Leaders work to support and carry out the initiatives of the Association Promotion Committee. Many great ideas were discussed at today’s RAP Team meeting, and we look forward to hosting many great events this year.

Japan TPP negotiator: felt US intends to wrap up talks in few months


Japan’s deputy chief trade negotiator Hiroshi Oe said on Wednesday he got the impression during talks that the United States intends to wrap up overall TPP discussions within a few months. Oe, speaking to reporters after talks with his counterpart Wendy Cutler, acting deputy U.S. trade representative, said he felt the United States is seriously trying to find common ground in their discussions. Read More at Reuters…

Role of Canadian and Mexican cattle evolves


The most recent monthly trade data provides an update to recent cattle and beef trade flows in North America.The data emphasize the longer-term evolution and change in the roles of Canada and Mexico in North American and global markets. Cattle and beef trade flows between the United States, Mexico and Canada are increasingly complex and represent an ever-more-integrated North American market. Canada and Mexico are both major beef-import sources and destinations for U.S. beef exports. Read More at Agri-View…

Don't miss your last chance for healthcare open enrollment


Open enrollment for health insurance ends Feb. 15, 2015. Your next opportunity to reconsider your plan will be Nov. 15, 2015, unless you experience a qualifying condition such as marriage, birth or adoption of a child or termination of employment, among others. We don’t want you to miss this important deadline! For more information about your health insurance options, contact Julissa Chubbs at, Tina Finicum at; or Michele Woodham at or call 800-252-2849.

USDA announces funding for new conservation partnership projects


Texas State Conservationist Salvador Salinas announced Jan. 14 more than $10 million in funding for 2 new and innovative projects funded through USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Regional Conservation Partnership Program, or RCPP. The projects bring together partners to the NRCS conservation mission in an effort to harness innovation and ideas, while demonstrating the value of voluntary, private lands conservation. Read more…

Effects of early weaning on nutrient requirements


University of Nebraska researchers conducted a trial comparing systems in which half of the calves from a group of 84 cows were weaned early, at 90 days of age, and the other half at a more normal age of 205 days. All the cattle were maintained in a drylot using the same ration of 60 percent distillers’ grains and 40 percent crop residue. Read more at Drovers CattleNetwork…

US Drought Monitor and Summary for Jan. 13, 2015


Moderate to locally heavy precipitation prompted patchy improvement across southern and eastern Texas, but it was a cold and dry week elsewhere, keeping dryness and drought predominantly unchanged. Some deterioration was noted in a few spots in northern Texas, including some D4 expansion into Hardeman and Foard Counties just southeast of the Panhandle. Precipitation since October 2014 has totaled less than 75 percent of normal across much of the Panhandle and in adjacent areas to the east, and 6-month totals below half of normal were noted in a few small areas in southwestern Oklahoma and the central Texas Panhandle. Read more at…

Mark Your Calendar: TSCRA Ranch Rodeo and Breakaway Roping, Feb. 13 and 14


The TSCRA Ranch Rodeo will once again return to Duncan, Okla. Twenty-four teams will be competing for cash, custom buckles, spurs and bragging rights. Events will include ranch bronc riding, team branding, team doctoring and wild cow milking. The ranch rodeo and roping will be held in conjunction with the Oklahoma Horse Fair at the Stephens County Fair and Expo Center in Duncan. Performances start at 7:00 p.m. and tickets are $8 at the door the night of the event. A limited number of slots are available for both the ranch rodeo and breakaway roping. For full information, please visit Read more…

Cattle futures give up most of 4th quarter rally


It took from August until late November to rally almost $24 bucks to all-time highs and only 8 weeks later, Feb LC has retraced .78 percent of that move. Cattle traders waiting for an open interest flush were rewarded Wednesday with OI down 5k, making the day’s 264,741 open contracts the smallest since Jan. 6, 2010, clear evidence of the growing bearish speculative attitude towards commodities. Read more at The Beef…

2014 E.-Coli outbreak linked to rare and medium rare restaurant burgers

Photo courtesy

An outbreak of E. coli this past spring that sickened at least 12 people — and hospitalized seven of them — was caused by ground beef burgers cooked rare and medium-rare at restaurants, according to health department documents obtained by Food Safety News through records requests made over several months. Read more at Food Safety News…

It’s what’s for dinner: Greek-style beef pita


Stir-fried beef is stuffed into pitas and topped with your family’s favorite veggies like cucumbers and olives. Read more at…

Freeze-proof tanks as dependable replacement to pond watering

Photo courtesy Oklahoma State University

Installing a freeze-proof tank is a simple way to avoid chipping ice in the winter and improve pond longevity. Marley Beem, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension pond management specialist, said the tanks provide warm water in freezing temperatures. Read more…

Bovine tuberculosis confirmed in Texas Panhandle dairies


The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has confirmed bovine tuberculosis (TB) in 2 Texas Panhandle dairies located in Castro County. The infected herds are under quarantine and will remain so until the herds meet all requirements for quarantine release through testing and removal of infected animals. Dairy, calf-raising and dairy heifer raising operations in Texas and other states with epidemiological links to the infected herds will be tested to determine the possible origin or potential spread of the disease. Read more…

Under the microscope: Endangered Species Act peer reviews

Dunes sagebrush lizard picture by USFWS

A new report shows the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) may need to take a course on scientific peer review. Peer review is where independent scientists try to find holes in other scientists’ work. It’s a vetting process, an effort to produce high quality science for important decisions, such as Endangered Species Act (ESA) listings. Information about the peer reviews are supposed  to be public in an effort to keep the agency honest. But according to an oversight report released last month by the staff of the U.S. House of Representatives Natural Resource Committee, the agency frequently thumbs its nose at peer reviews. Read more at Western Livestock Journal…

Cold stress: What is cold to a cow?

Photo courtesy Oklahoma State University

We don’t know what might happen in the New Year as we approach what are typically the coldest months of winter. Most cattle producers know and appreciate that cold weather increases nutrient requirements. However, the obvious questions that come to mind are “What is cold to a cow” and “What increases (energy, protein etc.) and by how much?” Read more at Drovers CattleNetwork…