TSCRA Crime Watch: Hay stolen in Oklahoma, Attempted cattle theft in Texas Panhandle

TSCRA Special Ranger John Cummings, Dist. 5 in northeast Oklahoma, reports the theft of four 4×6 round bales of mixed grass hay from a property near Oologah sometime between July 13 and 14.The bales had blue and white net wrap. If you have any information on this theft, please call Special Ranger Cummings at 918-342-0888.

TSCRA Special Ranger Harold Dempsey, Dist. 1 in the Texas Panhandle, also reports the attempted theft of cattle from a property in Armstrong County southeast of Amarillo sometime between July 12 and 14. Three head of steer were separated from the herd and penned in an alley, but the thieves weren’t able to complete the theft. The steers were left in the alley, without access to water, and died of dehydration. If you have any information on this case, please call Special Ranger Dempsey at 806-356-6101.