TSCRA Crime Watch: Saddle stolen in central Oklahoma

TSCRA Special Ranger Paul Cornett, Dist. 3 in Central Oklahoma, reports the theft of a saddle from a Shawnee property in Pottawatomie County. On Oct. 8, 2011, a thief or thieves entered an unlocked horse trailer at the property and stole a light brown trophy saddle. the saddle had a darker brown seat with NBRT and 2006 Year End Champion on both sides and near the back of the cantle, the words “Assman Land and Cattle Company” on one side with “Wells Fargo Bank-White River, S.D.” on the other side. If you have any information about the theft of this saddle, please call Special Ranger Cornett at 580-334-1017. Read more…

Reduce cattle heat stress with good quality water

If you have been watching the thermometer or working outside, you know summer heat is upon us. Unfortunately the heat will continue to rise day by day without a lot of hope for abundant rainfall. Due to the present weather and forecasts, ranchers should concentrate on reducing heat stress in cattle by ensuring they have ample shade and sufficient good quality water to drink. Read more…

Highway Bill passage receives support

Legislators in both the House and the Senate Friday approved the Surface Transportation Bill, also known as the “Highway Bill,” which clarifies current transportation regulations and includes exemptions for farm vehicles. The final agreement includes the Farmers’ Freedom Act (H.R. 2414), which will prevent farm vehicles from federal requirements such as commercial driver’s licenses and provide additional uniformity across state lines. Read more…

Cow-Calf Corner: Weather, other factors, change cattle market outlook; Time of day of harvest and impact on nitrate concentration

Prices for cattle of all classes and for beef are higher than this time last year. However, cattle market conditions have changed significantly in the past few weeks and most prices have declined recently. Also, summer annuals are often used by cattle producers for summer grazing or harvested for hay. These summer crops can be very productive and high quality, but can also accumulate toxic levels of nitrate when stressed. The heat and dry weather of the past two weeks has caused many of these plants to become very stressed, so care must be taken to minimize nitrate concentration in hay that is harvested. Read more…

TSCRA Event Calendar

July 10: Huisache Control Tour and Field Day, Chappel Hill
July 12: TSCRA’s Cattleman’s Luncheon, Wichita Falls, McBride’s Steakhouse
July 17: Ranching 101, Ranch Accounting, Fort Worth
July 19: TSCRA Ranch Gathering, Spearman
July 19: Dilley Luncheon, Pacho Garcia Café, Dilley
Aug. 11: Southern Plains Beef Symposium, Ardmore, Okla.
Aug. 16: Dilley Luncheon, Pacho Garcia Café, Dilley
Aug. 17-18: Young Leadership Series, Fort Worth