Successful TSCRA ranch gatherings held across Texas this week

More than 300 association members and guests attended 3 TSCRA ranch gatherings held this week in Canadian, Fort Chadbourne and Roaring Springs. The weather may have been hot, but the attendees enjoyed beef dinners, catching up with old friends, making new friends and listening to interesting speakers. From these meetings, TSCRA gained 37 new memberships.

The first gathering was held on Tuesday, June 26 at the Lake Marvin campground near Canadian in the Texas Panhandle. The more than 60 guests had a beef dinner and listened to and update from TSCRA Special Ranger Ben Eggleston on recent livestock and equipment thefts in the area and how ranchers can better protect themselves against thieves.

The next two gatherings were held on Thursday in Roaring Springs and at Fort Chadbourne near Bronte.

The Fort Chadbourne event, co-hosted by Kevin and Jonna Busher and Richard and Karen Thorpe, welcomed more than 164 guests to the Fort Chadbourne Visitor Center. Attendees were able to view their extensive gun collection and historical artifacts found on the property, which was established as a fort by the U.S. Army in 1852 to protect the western frontier and a local mail route.

Gathering speakers included Garland Richards, owner of both Chadbourne Ranch and Fort Chadbourne; Richard Wortham; and Scott Graves, chief of staff for Rep. Mike Conaway. Attendees also got an update on TSCRA activities from Larry Gray, executive director of law enforcement, and Jason Skaggs, executive director of government and public affairs.

The last event on Thursday was held at the Roaring Springs Community Center, where attendees enjoyed a beef dinner and heard from TSCRA Special Ranger Dean Bohannon about recent livestock and equipment thefts in the area and preventing becoming a victim. there was also a discussion on TSCRA’s legislative efforts in Washington D.C. and Austin.

Be sure to check TSCRA’s event calendar to see if we’re  having a ranch gathering in your area, throughout the summer.