TSCRA Crime Watch: Oklahoma cattle stolen, calves butchered

TSCRA Special Ranger John Cummings, Dist. 5 in northeast Oklahoma reports that two calves were butchered near the Chelsea area and four black commercial cows were stolen from the Claremore area.

Sometime between May 28 and June 13, two black commercial calves were butchered at a property near Chelsea, Okla., in Rogers County. The calves weighted approximately 300 to 400 pounds each and had no marks or brands. There were no signs of forced entry, but it is possible the suspect or suspects entered the property from a county road, through a crossed barbed wire fence to kill the calves.

Four black commercial calves with a “BJ” brand on the left hip and ear tags were stolen from a property near Claremore, Okla., in Rogers County some time between June 5 and June 8. An unlocked gate was taken from its hinges and laid on the ground to gain entry, and a section of barbed wire fence was cut and pulled back.

If you have any information on these cases, please contact Special Ranger Cummings at 918-342-0888.