TSCRA 2012 Summer Meeting draws to a close

State Sen. Troy Fraser spoke to attendees of Friday’s board of director’s meeting in Fredericksburg.

TSCRA’s 2012 Summer Meeting in Fredericksburg ended Friday with a Board of Directors meeting at the Inn on Baron’s Creek. TSCRA officers gave updates on association membership activity and outreach. Attendees heard form special speakers state Sen. Troy Fraser, Dist. 24, Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Senior Director of Issues Management Season Solorio.

Fraser spoke about last year’s passage of SB 332, a bill that secured groundwater ownership rights for landowners. SB 332 makes clear that landowners own the groundwater below their land as real property, and clarifies that it is subject to the same legal protections as other private property. SB 332 also recognizes that groundwater may continue to be produced and conserved while ensuring fair and impartial regulation of landowners’ groundwater ownership rights.

Smitherman, who is also past chair of the Public Utilities Commission, answered questions from the audience about pipelines, deteriorating oil and gas wells, and the use of water in the hydraulic fracturing process, also known as fracking.

Solorio discussed the history behind the development of lean finely textured beef, also known as “pink slime,” and what the beef industry has learned about consumer perceptions of our product.

Friday’s session concluded at noon. The next meeting will be TSCRA’s Fall Board meeting Sept. 24 to 26 in Austin, which will focus on legislative and policy matters. Keep an eye out for information on this event arriving in your mailbox and inbox this summer.