Early voting begins today! Find your voting location

Early voting for the Texas Primary begins today! Click here to find your voting location and click here to view the TSCRA PAC’s election recommendations. The list only includes candidates that have primary opponents and that are supported by the TSCRA PAC. Candidates without primary opponents are not listed. Read more…

Dicey odds for continued drought

A “coin toss” is how a Texas drought expert describes the forecast for rainfall across the state this season. But there are some actions farmers and ranchers can take rather than hoping for a stroke of luck. Read more…

Celebrating 25 years of Beef Quality Assurance

The industry is celebrating 25 years of commitment to checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) programs by releasing a highlight video. Original advisory board members such as Ran Smith, Dr. Gary Cowman, Dr. Dee Griffin and others take viewers on a historical walk though the creation of the BQA program. Read more…

TFS launches second phase of drought assessment

Forestry crews will spend the next two months trekking across the Lone Star State counting dead trees to get a better picture of the mortality rate from the 2011 drought. Texas Forest Service (TFS) personnel will survey 700 plots of land, each specifically targeted by agency analysts who studied satellite images of tree canopy across the state. Read more…

Cow-Calf Corner: Short run adjustments to changing market conditions; Advantages to implanting nursing calves in 2012

Dr. Derrell Peel, OSU Extension livestock marketing specialist discusses the economic principles that provide guidance on how cattle producers should adjust production in response to wildly fluctuating output and input values. Most production decisions are issues of allocating resources and revolve around a few very important questions. Also, Dr. Glenn Selk, OSU Emeritus Extension animal scientist, talks about the potential return on investment with growth-promoting implants for nursing calves. Read more…

TSCRA Event Calendar

May 15: Beef Quality Producer Training, Brady, Texas
May 15: Ranching 101, Topic: Marketing, Fort Worth, Texas
May 17: Dilley Luncheon, Pacho Garcia Café, Dilley, Texas
May 17: TSCRA Ranch Gathering, Washington-on-the Brazos, Texas
May 22: Heart of Texas Cow-Calf Clinic, Brown County Fairgrounds, Brownwood
May 24: TSCRA Ranch Gathering, Holt River Ranch Pavilion, Graford, Texas
May 31: TSCRA Ranch Gathering, Bowie Community Center, Bowie, Texas
June 13-15: TSCRA Summer Meeting, Fredericksburg, Texas
June 19: Ranching 101, Topic: Equine Management, Fort Worth, Texas
June 21: Dilley Luncheon, Pacho Garcia Café, Dilley, Texas