Convention Special: Final day of TSCRA’s 135th Annual Convention

The final day of TSCRA’s 135th Annual Convention in Fort Worth included the last breakout meetings, an update from Climatologist Evelyn Browning-Garriss on upcoming weather trends and the Closing Session Luncheon’s keynote speech from photographer and author Paul Mobley.

Cowboy Church began Sunday’s activities at the Fort Worth Convention Center with an inspirational message and music from Jeff Gore. The last breakout meetings followed, covering topics ranging from disease traceability with Dr. Dee Ellis, Texas Animal Health Commission executive director; a discussion with Glen Webb, president of Texas Wildlife Association on wildlife ownership; and what may be at stake with the 2012 elections.

Historical climatologist Evelyn Browning-Garriss held a popular talk on weather patterns, past, present and future, and explained how a variety of factors influence the climate, good and bad. Browning-Garriss addressed the most important concern on the minds of the cattle raisers and landowners in the audience quickly, beginning her talk with a confirmation that yes – it is going to rain, which brought a round of applause. She says the La Nina weather pattern that has been bringing hot, dry weather to the Southwest should dissipate in the next couple weeks. If this happens, Browning-Garriss says we can look forward to a start to the rain. However, she cautioned that we may also be in for a very hot summer.

The cap to the day – and the convention – was the Closing General Session Luncheon, which opened with attendees enjoying a delicious beef meal. Association business followed the meal and awards were presented to the top three TSCRA members who have recruited the most new members in the last year.

TSCRA also honored AgriLife Extension Agent Brad Cowan, Hidalgo County, with the 2012 Outstanding Beef County Extension Agent award. Cowan has served as the county extension agent for Hidalgo County since 1998. During that time he has built a well recognized Beef Performance Extension outreach program geared at providing producers with timely, research-based information to help positively impact their bottom line.

The highlight of the Closing Session was a keynote speech from photographer and author Paul Mobley. Mobley traveled the U.S. for three years to take pictures of hundreds of America’s farmers and ranchers, being welcomed into their homes and getting a glimpse into the lives of agriculture families. He spoke on how the resulting book of portraits and stories came together, shared tales of how taking a few of the shots were stories in themselves, and explained what he learned on his journey about the dedication and importance of agriculture’s farming and ranching families.

TSCRA’s Summer Meeting is scheduled for June 13-15 in Fredericksburg. The 2013 Convention Weekend will back in Fort Worth at the Fort Worth Convention Center.