TSCRA Crime Watch: Oklahoma cattle and hay thieves busy

TSCRA Special Ranger Bart Perrier, Dist. 4, has reported the theft of cows, calves and hay in northeast and eastern Oklahoma. The thefts include approximately 100 square bales of hay from a Washington County property, 1 cow and 10 assorted calves from Checotah, and 2 calves from Morris.

On Feb. 8, a thief or thieves that may have a key entered a locked gate and made off with approximately 100 square bales of prairie hay from a hay barn in Washington County off of US Hwy 75.

On March 9, force was used on a locked pasture gate to gain entry to a McIntosh County property near Checotah. Taken were one motley-faced brown cow with a red ear tag in the right ear and a total of 10 calves, none with brands. The calves are described as follows: 1 white-face black heifer, 550 lbs; 1 red steer, 500 lbs; 3 Charolais heifers, 400 lbs each; and 1 black steer with an obvious limp from cuts to hind hooves, 550 lbs.

Some time between March 12 and 14, a thief or thieves removed the lock and chains from a gate on a Muskogee County property near Morris, Okla., and stole 8 calves in total: 6 red Angus cross calves and 2 Charolais-Red Angus cross calves. The 6 red Angus cross calves were recovered, but the 2 Charolais-Red Angus cross calves are still missing. These calves are not branded and have orange ear tags.

If you have any information on these thefts, please call Special Ranger Perrier at 918-287-2332.