Last chance to re-register your brand!

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) reminds ranchers that the current brand re-registration period ends this Wednesday Feb. 29! If you haven’t yet re-registered your brand with your county clerk’s office, this is your last chance.

The State of Texas requires that brands be re-registered in the county or counties where the owner operates every 10 years. For a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about brand re-registration, click here.

In Texas, if you do not re-register within the re-registration period, your brand could be up for grabs by someone else! Brands must be re-registered within that period regardless of the date it was originally registered. 

Larry Gray, executive director of law enforcement at TSCRA, says that branding is the No. 1 way to prevent livestock theft. Livestock theft continues to be a common problem throughout the U.S., especially with recent record high cattle prices.

TSCRA was established in 1877 to help prevent and solve agricultural crimes. Since then, the association’s law enforcement division has expanded to include 30 special rangers stationed throughout Texas and Oklahoma who work alongside local law enforcement agencies to protect citizens against agricultural crimes, including livestock theft.

Although Texas does not have a statewide brand registry database, TSCRA has market inspectors stationed at 105 Texas livestock auctions that collect brands and other identifying marks on 4 million cattle sold annually. They report this information to TSCRA headquarters in Fort Worth, where it is entered into the nation’s largest brand recording and retrieval system. This system currently houses more than 102,000 brands, the largest brand registry in the U.S.

This database is the first source checked when livestock is reported stolen, and has aided in the arrests of livestock thieves and the recovery of hundreds of thousands of stolen livestock.

Gray says that while Texas law does not require you to brand your cattle, he highly encourages it as a way to protect your business.

To help guide ranchers through the brand re-registration process, TSCRA has launched Working in conjunction with the 254 county clerk offices, this site provides all the necessary paperwork and information to register brands, as well as information on current brands, designing and reading brands.