What you need to know about aerial hog hunts in Texas

The prospect of hunting feral hogs from a helicopter might sound like great use of a weekend, but aerial wildlife management in Texas requires more than finding a pilot and loading up on plenty of ammo. In order to participate in aerial feral hog management, the proper paperwork must be on file with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and considerations must be taken prior to conducting any aerial management of feral hogs.

Each year, feral hogs cause millions of dollars in damage to crops and property throughout the state. (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo)

As a result of the passage of House Bill 716 last year, a qualified landowner’s agent may now contract, or pay, to participate as a hunter or gunner to take depredating feral hogs or coyotes from an aircraft. However, in order to participate in this activity, the hunter must place on file with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) a completed landowner’s authorization (LOA) form. Please note that the LOA is not valid until it is signed, stamped and issued an LOA number by TPWD.

Interested hunters are encouraged to download and read the following document:
Aerial Wildlife Management Permit FAQ (PDF 15 KB)

For more information on aerial hunting, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website or click on the following:

Aerial Wildlife Management Permits

TPWD Wildlife and Texas Administrative Code:

For more information on feral hogs, including other hunting regulations, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife feral hog information page.