TSCRA Crime Watch: Cattle missing in South Texas


TSCRA Special Ranger Steve Martin, Dist. 30 in South Texas, reports 8 head of cattle missing from properties in Brooks, Karnes and Bee Counties. Some time since June two Charolais bulls went missing from pastures in Karnes and Bee Counties. Both bulls, one weighing approximately 1100 pounds and the other weighing approximately 1700 pounds, have a 4E connected brand on their left hip. Martin also reports 5 cows and a bull missing from a property in Brooks County since Aug. 1. Two of the cows are 5 year old reddish Beefmaster crosses with no horns weighing approximately 800 to 900 pounds, each. These cattle have an “open 8” brand that looks like a shoe print on the left hip; the remaining 3 cows are two-year-old Read more…

Southwest Barbecue Team promotes Texas-style barbecue in Japan, Korea


Greg Hanes, U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) assistant vice president of international marketing, recently joined a group of U.S. producers in Japan and South Korea to promote Texas-style barbecue and the advantages of using U.S. beef – especially underutilized cuts – as part of the American dish. Listen to the story or read more from the U.S. Meat Export Federation…

New feral hog video series offers management expertise


The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is taking steps to help landowners manage the state’s ever-increasing feral hog population. A recent step is the Wild Pig Management Video Series. Read more at the Texas Water Resources Institute…

It’s shaping up to be a jubilee quail year


From seemingly teetering on the brink of extinction to roaring back with a vengeance, wild quail seem to have made a miraculous comeback across Texas. Read more…

It’s what’s for dinner: Spicy Portuguese beef steak kabobs


These steak kabobs cook up quick for a tasty, spicy favorite. Read more at beefitswhatsfordinner.com…

TSCRA Crime Watch: 10 head of cattle missing in East Texas


TSCRA Special Ranger Jimmy Dickson, Dist. 14 in East Texas, reports the theft of 10 head of cattle from a property in Freestone County. Some time between Aug. 18 and 24 a thief or thieves removed a chain and lock from a gate to steal the 9 red unbranded heifers and 1 black cow branded JJ on the left hip. If you have any information regarding this case, please call Special Ranger Dickson at 903-586-8733.  

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TSCRA Policy Conference: Risk management for ranchers


With fall calf values nearing $1,500 per head, the average TSCRA member may gross more than $60,000 in calf sales this fall. Given these historically high values, ranchers are increasingly interested in ways to protect their price risk. Hear about this topic and more at TSCRA’s Policy Conference in San Antonio Sept. 23 – 25. Read more…

An old crime is on the rise


Crooks and criminals in America’s farm country are turning to an old crime — cattle rustling. The high price for beef and substance abuse are behind the surge in livestock theft, and that’s putting some ranchers on edge. National Public Radio talked to victims of theft and the TSCRA Special Rangers who investigate. Read more or listen to the story at NPR.org…

Texas crop, weather, for Aug. 26, 2015


A combination of weather patterns is causing wholesale die-offs of fish in many East and North Texas farm ponds and lakes. Most of die-offs have been from East and North Texas. However, the same confluence of weather conditions – high temperatures and cloudy days followed by cool thunderstorms – could likely be causing fish kills in other areas as well. The conditions are causing oxygen depletion in farm ponds and lakes. Read more…

The Browning Blog: A Medley of Climate and Crop Notes

Evelyn Browning-Garriss

In the Aug. 25 edition of The Browning Blog, exclusive content for TSCRA members by climatologist Evelyn Browning-Garriss, we hear about the variety of weather events affecting crops and prices in August. Read more…

Consumer Reports study confuses serious safety issues, potentially misleading consumers about beef safety

Photo courtesy USDA

Sources: factsaboutbeef.com, A Consumer Reports study released Monday includes misleading information that could increase consumer confusion about food safety heading into the Labor Day weekend, say beef safety experts. “I have relied on Consumer Reports when purchasing cars and electronics but unfortunately this report will not help consumers when purchasing safe ground beef. The good news is the bacteria found in the Consumer Reports tests are not the type of bacteria commonly associated with foodborne illness in ground beef,” says Mandy Carr-Johnson, Ph.D., senior executive director, Science and Product Solutions, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), a contractor to the beef checkoff. “As an industry, our number one priority is producing the safest beef possible. Ground beef is the safest it has ever been with greater than 90 percent Read more…

5 things you should know about the EPA WOTUS rule

USDA/NRCS photo by Jeff Vanuga.

While experts say it is unlikely the EPA will go immediately into an enforcement campaign when it comes to the Clean Water Act (CWS) and its Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rules, it’s still good to know how the rule could affect you and your operation.  WOTUS expands the federal CWA jurisdiction over many landscape features found on farm, ranch and forest lands across the nation. The rule is expected to go into effect Aug. 28.  Read more at Texas Farm Bureau…

TDA Market Recap, Aug. 25, 2015

Texas Department of Agriculture

For the week ending Aug. 22, 2015, Texas auctions quoted feeder cattle prices mostly steady, with instances of sales ranging from $8 lower to $10 higher per hundredweight (cwt). Texas weekly direct feeder cattle sales were fully steady. Wholesale beef values were higher, with Choice Grade gaining $1.74 to close at $246.46 per cwt and Select Grade gaining $0.14 to close at $235.58 per cwt. Net export sales totaling 8,300 metric tons (MT) for Aug. 7 – 13 were down 32 percent from the previous week. Export shipments of 9,900 MT were down four percent from the previous week. Shipments primarily went to Japan, South Korea and Mexico. Read more…

TSCRA ranch gathering roundup


TSCRA welcomed approximately 200 family, friends and guests to a ranch gathering last week at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in Carthage. Attendees enjoyed a delicious beef dinner and heard from Special Ranger Larry Hand, who provided an update on local law enforcement activities and TSCRA President Pete Bonds spoke on the importance of being a member of the association. Thanks go to Panola County AgriLife Extension Agent Lee Dudley for emceeing the event and to our generous sponsors: Elanco Animal Health, Multimin, Inc., Heritage Land Bank, Legacy Ag Credit, Bill’s Meat Market, Panola Livestock Company, Wes Morgan Custom Signs and Copper Falls & Company Jewelry. Join us for gatherings in Granbury or Hereford on Tuesday, Aug. 25, or in Lubbock on Thursday, Aug. 27. Check out our event calendar at tscra.org for the latest on events in your area! Read more…

Get BQA certified!


Join us for a Beef Quality Assurance Producer certification program in Fort Worth Aug. 29. The Texas Beef Quality Producer Program covers proper management techniques to ensure the beef you produce is a safe and wholesome product. Training programs cover Beef Quality Assurance, industry updates, record keeping, environmental stewardship and proper management practices associated with genetic selection, cattle handling, culling, vaccination and more. Click here for more information.  

It’s down to the wire on WOTUS

USDA/NRCS photo by Jeff Vanuga.

It is the 11th hour on the Waters of the U.S. rule. Unless something happens, the rule will go into effect this Friday, Aug. 28. But many groups are scrambling to halt the process. Read more at Western Livestock Journal…

Nesting habitat is vital to healthy quail populations

Picture © Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Maintaining a healthy wild quail population hinges on the success of their annual production, because they are short lived and have a high mortality rate, said a Texas quail expert. “Without large numbers of new birds being added to the population each year it can quickly disappear,” said Becky Ruzicka, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service wildlife associate at Dallas. “The importance of prime nesting sites cannot be overstated as quality nesting cover is essential for quail to successfully hatch chicks, because it provides protection from predators and the elements.” Read more…

Cow-Calf Corner: Retail beef prices; Cattle on Feed and more USDA data; Testing hay can save supplement dollars

Photo courtesy Oklahoma State University

In the Aug. 24 edition of Cow-Calf Corner, a newsletter from the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension, Derrell Peel talks retail beef prices and the USDA’s Cattle on Feed report; and Glenn Selk discusses testing hay to save supplement dollars. Read more…

BQA Tip of the Month: Advice on broken needles


This month’s Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) tip covers what to do in the case of a broken needle. The Texas Beef Quality Producer Program strives to promote good management practices for cattle producers. Good management practices results in a good product for consumers, which raises consumer confidence in beef as a wholesome food product. Becoming a certified Beef Quality Producer ensures that you have the necessary information to raise cattle with the highest possible quality. Read more…

RSVP today to attend a TSCRA ranch gathering next week in Granbury, Hereford or Lubbock!


Join TSCRA for ranch gatherings on Tuesday, Aug. 25 in Granbury at the Hood County Livestock Building or in Hereford at the Hereford Country Club. We will also host a gathering on Thursday, Aug. 27 at the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock. All our gatherings are free and begin at 6:00 p.m. The events include a free beef dinner and updates on association activities and issues facing ranchers and landowners. Everyone is welcome to attend, so be sure to bring your family, friends and neighbors!  

Body Condition Score your pasture

AgriLife photo by Robert Burns

How easy is it to body condition score your cows? You look at the fat deposits covering the cow’s body. A “fleshy” cow is considered good, while a thin cow may need special attention. How do you tell if your pasture is “fleshy?” What do you look at to assess plant health? Read more at Drovers CattleNetwork…

Young rancher seizes opportunity to put down roots of his own

photo courtesy Oklahoma State University

For the first 25 years of Daniel Hayden’s life, he has dedicated his time working on other people’s farms. He fed cows, cut hay, hauled tobacco and for the past five years, managed his parents’  farm operation. But he never had his own farm. That all changed last year. The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program, funded in the 2008 and 2014 Farm Bills have awarded $90 million in grants to organizations in 48 states between 2009 and 2015 to support beginning farmers. Read more at USDA…  

US Drought Monitor and Summary, 8-21-15


Short term dryness has caused expansion of drought across much of Texas and eastern Oklahoma. Warmer-than-normal temperatures have exasperated the situation. In Oklahoma, it was reported that soil moisture levels were approaching lows that we had not seen since August 2012. Drought was expanded in the southeast corner of Oklahoma and introduced in the northern part. Elsewhere, temperatures were 2-4 degrees above normal this past week in much of Texas. Drought conditions were expanded in much of east central Texas while a portion of southern Texas continued its drought free status. Read more…

TSCRA Crime Watch: Saddles, bridles, 4x4 ATV and ranch equipment stolen in SE Texas


TSCRA Special Ranger Hal Dumas, Dist. 21 in near East Texas, reports two thefts involving saddles, bridles, a Kawasaki Mule 4×4, and miscellaneous ranch equipment from properties in Robertson and Burleson counties. On July 30 a thief or thieves cut a lock to gain entry to a property in Robertson County to steal a black 2010 Kawasaki Mule 4×4, a Kobalt air compressor, a Poulan 16-inch chain saw and 18-inch bolt cutters. An additional theft was reported on Aug. 15 at a roping held on the Burleson County Fairgrounds. Stolen was a Jeff Smith “Region X Champion Header” trophy saddle; a Clay Hamel full roughout saddle and several bridles. If you have any information regarding these thefts, please call Special Ranger Dumas at 979-828-5832.

Livestock producers urged to look for toxic plants


Extreme heat and dry conditions can lead to a shortage of grass, and an opportunity to consume toxic plants and forages found in Texas rangelands. Livestock producers should be aware of potential pitfalls by scouting pastures to be on the lookout for four types of senna plants that can be toxic to animals. Read more…

Grant funds available for prescribed burning

This past wildfire season, Texas had more than 30,000 wildfires with nearly 4 million acres burned. (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo by Kay Ledbetter)

East Texas landowners may now be reimbursed for helping to reduce overgrown vegetation on their lands. In an effort to reduce wildfire hazards on private property, Texas A&M Forest Service is offering grants to conduct prescribed burning. Strategically-planned prescribed fires can enhance ecosystems and protect homes and communities from wildfire. Read more…

It's what's for dinner: Steak, green bean and tomato salad


This flavorful beef salad goes well with a cool drink on a warm late summer evening. Read more at www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com

TSCRA Crime Watch: Cattle chute stolen in Medina County


TSCRA Special Ranger Robin Clark, Dist. 28 in South Texas, reports the theft of a cattle chute from a property near Biry in Medina County. Some time on Aug. 18 a thief or thieves cut a lock on a gate to steal a Titan West manual cattle chute with a palpation cage, serial no. 0929092315G. Click here to view a similar style chute. If you have any information regarding this theft, please call Special Ranger Clark at 830-278-5778.

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As ag awaits drone rules, number of FAA exemptions continue

Picture courtesy Ohio State University Extension

Although the Federal Aviation Administration is making progress at developing rules to allow for the wider use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), also known as drones, in a variety of applications including agriculture, it could be sometime in late 2016 or early 2017 before those rules are completed. A new report from the Government Accountability Office said the delay in finalizing the regulations comes at a time when similar laws in other countries continue to evolve. Read more at DTN Progressive Farmer…

Texas crop, weather, for Aug. 18, 2015


Cattle prices continued their upward climb in the past week, according Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service regional reports. Cattle theft has continued to increase as market prices have risen in conjunction with the drought Read more…

TSCRA Crime Watch: 19 steers missing in SW OK, Saddle and tack stolen in NE OK


TSCRA Special Ranger Brett Wellden reports thefts in northeast and southwest Oklahoma involving a total of 19 branded head of steers, 3 saddles, other tack and a water tank. Read more…

USMEF report: China's currency devaluation a concern for US meat exporters


Last week’s sudden devaluation of China’s currency raised significant concerns for the U.S. meat industry. The U.S. dollar was already at multi-year highs against the currencies of many major trading partners and competitors, and that disadvantage worsened when many of these currencies reacted to China’s move.  Read more at Drovers CattleNetwork…

Study examines decline of Texas livestock auction markets


Declining cow numbers have led to consolidation in Texas livestock auction markets following devastating droughts the past decade, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service study. The beef industry has experienced changes in cattle cycles, inventory numbers and trading, with the Internet, video auctions and direct sales. All of that has played a part in how cattle are traded and marketed. Read more…

TDA Market Weekly Recap, Aug. 18, 2015

Texas Department of Agriculture

For the week ending Aug. 15, 2015, Texas auctions quoted feeder cattle prices mostly steady, with instances of sales ranging from $5 lower to $7 higher per hundredweight (cwt). Texas weekly direct feeder cattle sales were fully steady. Wholesale beef values were higher, with Choice Grade gaining $8.38 to close at $244.72 per cwt and Select Grade gaining $5.30 to close at $235.44 per cwt. Net export sales totaling 12,300 metric tons (MT) for July 31 – Aug. 6 were up noticeably from the previous week. Export shipments of 10,400 MT were down one percent from the previous week. Shipments primarily went to Japan, South Korea and Mexico. Read more…

TSCRA Crime Watch: Cow shot in NE OK, cattle stolen in Far South Texas


SCRA Special Ranger John Cummings, Dist. 5 in northeast Oklahoma, reports the shooting of a cow near Chelsea in Rogers County. TSCRA Special Ranger Steve Martin, Dist. 30 in far South Texas, also reports 3 cases of stolen cows and calves totaling 25 head in the last couple of months. Read more…

Texas Policy Conference: Inside Texas politics with Evan Smith


Evan Smith, editor-in-chief and CEO, The Texas Tribune, will kick off the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) Policy Conference with an in-depth look at key policy issues. In addition to recapping the 2015 Texas Legislative Session, Smith will look ahead to the 2016 elections and developments that may affect ranchers. With a non-partisan perspective and significant experience in public policy reporting, Smith will engage and inform attendees in his humorous, witty style. Read more…

High beef prices fueling rustling revival


Cattle prices have been at record levels, and reports of missing or stolen cattle have followed. The nearly 5,800 livestock reported as such in Texas in 2014 was the most in five years, and the value of the animals — in excess of $5.7 million — the most in a decade. Read more at The Associated Press

Don Jobes Jr., long time Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo assistant GM, passes away


Don T. Jobes, Jr., 86, passed away on Aug, 15 in Houston. Jobes served as livestock superintendent and assistant general manager for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for 31 years. Visitation will be Tuesday, Aug 18, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Allison Funeral Home in Liberty. Funeral services will be on Wednesday, Aug. 19, at 10:00 a.m. at First United Methodist Church in Liberty, with burial at Cook Cemetery. Read more…