Crabgrass is a warm season annual grass that is commonly found in pastures and hay meadows in parts of Texas. Relative to other warm-season annual grasses, crabgrass has a low- to medium-yield potential but is high in forage quality. As such, it is often a desirable component in pastures and … Read More

Since winter weather lingered this year, many cattlemen are welcoming warmer temperatures and sun-filled mornings however they come. But don’t think the spring and summer will be without challenges of their own. Here’s 5 impact areas you need to be ready for because they might affect your profitability this year.

Also called mare’s tail, horseweed is a warm season erect annual weed often found in cultivated areas, pastures, road sides and waste sites. Its first leaves are in a rosette. The stem has frequent alternate and sessile leaves. Horseweed generally bolts in April/May, flowers in July and sets and disperse … Read More

Source: Ohio State Beef Cattle Newsletter | May 22, 2019

by Dwane Miller, Penn State Extension Educator, Agronomy

Whether you’re taking the crop as haylage or dry hay, it’s important to pay attention … Read More

Source: Noble Research Institute | May 1, 2019

By Mike Trammell, Senior Plant Breeder & Dennis Walker, Facility Manager 1

Good quality forages are the main asset of any livestock operation and are crucial for the livestock industry…. Read More

Source: By Alan Newport for Beef Producer

If you want to use cover crops to fill holes in your … Read More

Source: ForageFax | May 13, 2019


Johnsongrass is a warm season perennial grass that is one of the most … Read More

Source: Ohio State University Beef Extension | May 8, 2019

This article is from the May 8, 2019, issue of the Ohio Beef Cattle Letter, a publication of the … Read More

Source: by Wyatt Bechtel for Drovers | May 3, 2019

Baling hay during the summer and feeding it during the winter is a pretty common task for … Read More