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Board of Directors Eldon White 101
Brand & Market Inspection Larry Gray 112
Brand Information Latrice Moran 115
Branding Irons Latrice Moran 115
Building Manager Tim Niedecken 147
Convention Coordination Tim Niedecken 147
Estray Cattle Larry Gray 112
Executive Committee Eldon White 101
Financial Reports LeRoyce Warner 126
General Beef Cattle Management Texas AgriLife Extension
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension
Government Affairs Jason Skaggs 512-469-0171 (Austin)
Human Resources Eldon White 101
Insurance - General

Michele Woodham

Insurance - Quotes Samantha Ristau 124
Insurance - Billing inquiries Crystal Hinshaw 108
Livestock/Property Theft Larry Gray 112
Market Inspections Larry Gray 112
Media Relations Laramie Adams 512-469-0171 (Austin)
Meeting Planning/Event Coordination Tim Niedecken 147
Ranch Gatherings Stacy Fox 145
Membership Information & Records Lisa Walker 138
Merchandise Gabby Whitehead 123
Open/Closed Range Law Larry Gray 112
Policy Coordination Jason Skaggs 512-469-0171 (Austin)
Political Action Committee (PAC) Jason Skaggs 512-469-0171 (Austin)
Ranching 101 Stacy Fox 145
Signs (Posted and Gate signs) Lisa Walker 138
Special Rangers Larry Gray 112
Sponsorships/Allied Industry Support Tim Niedecken 147
State Livestock Laws Larry Gray 112
Technology Support Brad Johnson 117
Texas Beef Quality Producer Program Stacy Fox 145
The Cattleman-Advertising billing Christina Sebesta 131
The Cattleman-Advertising (commercial) Gina Bryson 121
The Cattleman-Advertising (livestock) Shawn McCoy 121
The Cattleman-Archives, back issues Ellen H. Brisendine 134
The Cattleman-Circulation Christina Sebesta 133
The Cattleman-General Ellen H. Brisendine 134
The Cattleman-Production, graphics and design Linda Lee 136
The Cattleman Update email newsletter Kristin Hawkins 135
TSCRA/The Cattleman/Insurance websites Kristin Hawkins 135


Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association